See you at IDA Vancouver this Week! – 68th Annual Conference & Marketplace

logoSeptember 21-23, 2022: This week, we’re excited to connect with the members of the downtown community at the International Downtown Association’s 68th Annual Conference & Marketplace in Vancouver. Bigbelly will be exhibiting in the Marketplace and hosting a Service Advisory Session in the Conference program; we’ll be bringing together key leaders in the BID & CBD network to share achievements, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone to highlight the incredible work across communities worldwide. 


Meet Bigbelly in the Marketplace!

Bigbelly will be exhibiting in the IDA Marketplace at Booth #101, and will be available throughout the day to meet, including designated Networking Breaks. To take a look at the Exhibitor List, visit , or check out the Marketplace Floor Plan through the IDA Conference App if you’re already registered.

Bigbelly Smart Waste International Downtown Association Conference


Join Us for Bigbelly’s Service Advisory Session!

We’ll be hosting our IDA Service Advisory Session on Friday, September 23rd at 3:45 PM, “Improving Placemaking & Engagement with an Innovative Waste Solution.” We’re closing out the IDA Conference right before the Closing Reception! The Session focuses on how downtowns are creating clean, welcoming, sustainable and resource-efficient spaces that engage and delight communities, using comprehensive waste & recycling solutions.

The Session will be hosted by Bigbelly President & CEO, Brian Phillips and SVP of Worldwide Sales, Tom Smith, and features John Caner of the Downtown Berkeley Association and Alonso Vivas of Downtown San Diego Partnership as our fantastic Guest Speakers.

These types of vibrant discussions within the downtown community have spurred so many Bigbelly innovations & product expansion, we can’t wait to hear what everyone will bring to the Session. More about the Session below…


“Improving Placemaking & Engagement with an Innovative Waste Solution” – Bigbelly Service Advisory Session

HC5 Single Ash Tray - Foot Pedal Wrapped (Garment District NY)Bigbelly, the world’s leading Waste & Recycling solution, is proud to have an ever-growing network of BIDs and CBDs who deploy the Bigbelly system. BIDs strive to improve their communities through programs & services that transform their public spaces and engage residents, visitors, and businesses. 

Creating clean, welcoming, sustainable, resource-efficient spaces that engage and delight their communities is an ongoing challenge for BIDs and CBDs due to pervasive public space waste issues: visible waste, windblown litter, rats, birds, excessive waste collection, lack of recycling & compost infrastructure, and demands on maintenance staff.

Bigbelly’s innovative waste system not only solves public space waste challenges; BIDs leverage Bigbelly to strengthen cultural identity, community engagement, and communication through a ubiquitous platform. Bigbelly solves these challenges and supports community with the following 4 key elements:

1. Creating cleaner, safer public spaces

2. Providing a customized platform for community engagement 

3. Reducing waste collections & reallocate labor resources

4. Achieving measurable sustainability goals 

To build a custom, right-sized deployment for their neighborhood, BIDs work one-on-one with Bigbelly’s team of waste solutions experts. Together they assess current waste operations, identify public space waste challenges unique to each environment, and build a system designed to meet the needs and exceed the goals of the community.

In this Session, hear from the Bigbelly President & CEO, Brian Phillips, and SVP of Worldwide Sales, Tom Smith, to learn about how BID communities across the country leverage Bigbelly, the latest innovations, and how Bigbelly’s newly-expanded solution delivers a community-centric and more cost-effective public space waste solution.

Two spotlight Guest Speakers, John Caner, CEO of the Downtown Berkeley Association, and Alonso Vivas, SVP and Executive Director Clean & Safe Program at Downtown San Diego Partnership, will be taking the stage to share their community’s experience with deploying waste solutions to transform their communities.  These community leaders will address the public space challenges faced by downtowns, how they explored various waste management options, and how Bigbelly became the core solution infrastructure.

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