Reduced Collections

Bigbelly’s combined smarts and increased capacity can reduce collections by over 80%. By reducing the frequency of waste collection, we’re saving time and reducing disruptions from waste collection activities. Find out how Bigbelly can help your space.

Know When to Go

Your space is dynamic: Pedestrian volume, weather, and more are always changing. Our fullness-indicating and smart bins eliminate overflows and help you know when and where to collect.

Bigger Capacity, Same Footprint

High waste volume locations? Our compactors hold 5x the capacity of traditional bins, which means fewer collections and cleaner, quieter spaces.

Take Control of your Space

Don’t let your waste control you. You’ll know to collect before waste overflows happen, so you’re always the one in control.

Products Used

Bigbelly Smart and Smart Max bins are designed to reduce collections in a variety of applications.

They are ideal for bins that are deployed over large areas, such as city streets, parks, and transit systems because they communicate their status to CLEAN™.  

Smart Max

Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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CLEAN Software

Bigbelly’s cloud-based software

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Case Study

The City of Philadelphia

The Challenge

The City of Philadelphia faced the challenge of keeping busy commercial corridors clean and litter free. The city center, with its millions of residents, professionals, and tourists, generated a significant amount of waste, causing traditional wire baskets to fill up quickly and overflow. The Sanitation team had to collect wire baskets 17 times per week across three shifts, resulting in over 1.5 million collections annually and incurring substantial operating costs.

The Solution

Philadelphia quickly became the national leader in adopting smart waste and recycling. The city’s Sanitation department significantly decreased collection frequency from 17 times to just 3 times per week, requiring only one crew shift daily instead of three. This resulted in substantial cost savings, and cleaner streets that are easier to maintain.

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