Food Service

Bigbelly helps restaurants and other food service providers to keep their spaces clean and provide a better guest experience.

Better Guest Experience

By eliminating visible waste, waste overflows, and reduced collections, we’re creating a cleaner, more pleasant dining experience.

Reduced Collections

Our CLEAN connected Smart and Smart Max bins communicate ready-to-collect status, and our Smart Max compactors hold 5x the capacity. Combined, smarts and added capacity can reduce collections by over 80%.

Branding & Aesthetics

Bigbelly’s customizable graphic wraps and message panels promote corporate branding and design aesthetics, resulting in beautiful, engaging spaces.

Zero Waste & Sustainability

We bring sustainability to the forefront and help businesses achieve their recycling and zero-waste goals.

Products Used

Food service creates an abundance of low-density waste.

The Sense Max provides increased capacity to handle high waste volume locations, while the Sense is better fit for lower waste volume locations. Both the Sense Max and Sense indicate fullness status via built-in LED indicators so that nearby collection staff know at a glance when they’re ready to collect.

Sense Max

Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating, solar or AC-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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