Public Space Recycling

We bring sustainability to the forefront and help achieve your recycling and zero-waste goals. Learn how Bigbelly can help make your space altogether greener.

Uniform Recycling

Consistent and uniform recycling is key for communities to divert waste from landfills, creating a better world for everyone.

Zero Waste Initiatives

Achieve your zero waste goals with configurable multi-stream kiosks. Bigbelly bins can accommodate different waste types in a multi-stream kiosk: waste, single-stream recycling, paper, bottles & cans, and organics.

Measurable Diversion

Bigbelly’s CLEAN™ software, in combination with Smart and Smart Max bins provide historical data on waste diversion to proudly show the improvements enabled with the Bigbelly system.

Products Used

All five Bigbelly bin models support uniform recycling. 

Bigbelly Smart and Smart Max are ideal for both multi-stream recycling and measuring & reporting waste diversion. 

Bigbelly Sense, Sense Max, and Element support multi-stream recycling, but without reporting capabilities.

Smart Max

Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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Sense Max

Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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Fully enclosed bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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CLEAN Software

Bigbelly’s cloud-based software

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Case Study

UC Berkeley

The Challenge

UC Berkeley experienced visible waste on campus and windblown litter due to traditional open-top bins, trash picking, inconsistent bin types leading to a lack of uniformity, excessive collection resources required due to high waste volume, and waste infrastructure that did not support recycling and zero waste goals.

The Solution

The fully-enclosed bin design eliminated visible waste and windblown litter, while complete containment prevented strewn litter from trash picking. The uniform bin aesthetic enhanced campus appearance and served as a platform for public communication and school branding. Smart features and increased capacity reduced collection resources, and the solution facilitated a successful recycling and organics program, achieving a 53% waste diversion rate.

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