We’re committed to making spaces cleaner and making communities better. Find out how Bigbelly can transform your space.

A Fundamentally Better Bin

Once waste goes in, it can’t come out. A completely-enclosed bin means no visible waste and no access for unwanted pests, eliminating their food source and keeping your space safer.

Bigger Capacity, Same Footprint

High waste volume locations? Our compactors hold 5x the capacity of traditional bins, which means fewer collections and cleaner, quieter spaces.

Take Control of your Space

Don’t let your waste control you. You’ll know to collect before waste overflows happen, so you’re always the one in control.

Products Used

For cleaner spaces, all five Bigbelly bin models support specific challenges in different use cases. 

Bigbelly Smart and Smart Max are ideal for bins that are deployed over large areas, such as city streets, parks, and transit systems because they communicate their status to CLEAN™.  

Bigbelly Sense and Sense Max bins are great for areas where cleaning staff are always nearby and in proximity of the bins – built-in LEDs indicate at a glance when a bin needs collection.

Bigbelly Element bins are deployed alongside Bigbelly Smart or Sense bins, or in applications where only waste containment is important.

Smart Max

Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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Sense Max

Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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Fully enclosed bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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CLEAN Software

Bigbelly’s cloud-based software

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Case Study

San Diego Downtown Partnership

The Challenge

San Diego BID had overflowing waste, windblown litter, and trash picking from open bins which lacked character and appeal within the community.

The Solution

By introducing 80 Bigbelly Element bins, San Diego BID transformed their appearance and visitor experience, eliminated visible and strewn waste and created a platform to empower neighborhood identity.

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