Bigbelly enables colleges and universities to elevate their spaces for a better on-campus experience.

Cleaner Spaces

By eliminating windblown litter and waste overflows, we’re creating cleaner, more beautiful streets and public spaces.

Reduced Rats & Pests

Bigbelly’s fully enclosed bins eliminate a major food source for rats and other pests, reducing their population where Bigbelly is deployed.

Better Communities

Bigbelly’s customizable graphic wraps and message panels promote campus initiatives, resulting in a more informed, more engaged community.

Reduced Collections

By reducing the frequency of waste collection, we’re saving time and reducing disruptions from waste collection activities.

Public Space Recycling

We bring sustainability to the forefront and help achieve your recycling and zero-waste goals.

Products Used

Bigbelly Sense and Sense Max bins are great for events where cleaning staff are present and in proximity of the bins – the fullness LEDs indicate at a glance when a bin needs collection. Element bins are deployed in areas where the bin is likely not to become full during an event. Dining volume likely needs almost exclusively Smart Max to prevent overflows during busy times. A mix of Smart and Element bins along walking paths with Smart Max likely desired at entrances to buildings and residence halls.

Smart Max

bigbelly sense max bin

Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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bigbelly sense bin

Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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Sense Max

bigbelly sense max bin

Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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bigbelly sense bin

Fully enclosed, fullness-indicating bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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lower cost bigbelly element bin

Fully enclosed bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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CLEAN Software


Bigbelly’s cloud-based software

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public space recycling bins at a clean college campus at uc berkeley

Case Study

UC Berkeley

The Challenge

UC Berkeley experienced visible waste on campus and windblown litter due to traditional open-top bins, trash picking, inconsistent bin types leading to a lack of uniformity, excessive collection resources required due to high waste volume, and waste infrastructure that did not support recycling and zero waste goals.

The Solution

The fully-enclosed bin design eliminated visible waste and windblown litter, while complete containment prevented strewn litter from trash picking. The uniform bin aesthetic enhanced campus appearance and served as a platform for public communication and school branding. Smart features and increased capacity reduced collection resources, and the solution facilitated a successful recycling and organics program, achieving a 53% waste diversion rate.

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