Airports around the world leverage Bigbelly to enhance their guest experience and optimize waste operations.

Better Guest Experience

By eliminating windblown litter and waste overflows, we’re creating cleaner, more beautiful streets and public spaces.

Branding & Aesthetics

Bigbelly’s customizable graphic wraps and message panels promote airport branding and design aesthetics, resulting in beautiful, engaging spaces.

Reduced Labor

Less frequent collections result in reduced labor, helping airports combat labor shortages, reduce costs and allocate staff where they’re needed most.

Zero Waste & Sustainability

We bring sustainability to the forefront and help airports achieve recycling and zero-waste goals.

Products Used

The Bigbelly Smart Max and Smart are best suited for the unique needs of airports. 

Terminals have an abundance of waste volume and traditional bins require many collections and can frequently overflow. The Smart Max provides maximum capacity and can alert management if a bin is likely to overflow. The fullness LED indicates to local staff, when a bin needs collection.

Bigbelly Smart bins are great for parking garages where bins are far apart, and waste volumes are usually low. The Smart is battery powered and can be deployed at all levels without the need for AC power.

Passenger pickup and drop-off areas are best served by Bigbelly Smart and some Smart Max bins for high volume locations.

Smart Max

Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected, solar-powered compacting bin (150 Gal / 570 L)

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Fully enclosed, CLEAN™ connected bin (50 Gal / 240 L)

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CLEAN Software

Bigbelly’s cloud-based software

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Case Study

Copenhagen Airport

The Challenge

Copenhagen Airport had visible waste detracting from guest experience, frequent daily collections in high traffic areas and a lack of uniform recycling program.

The Solution

By introducing 64 Bigbelly bins and CLEAN™ cloud-based software, Bigbelly created a clean, uniform waste & recycling solution that improved guest experience throughout the airport.

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