Smart Compost

Mobile App

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Find and Unlock

Locate Smart Compost bins nearby. See which ones are available for use. Unlock the bin with a simple tap of the “Unlock Bin” button to deposit food waste in the hands-free chute.

mobile device featuring unlock screen for smart compost app

How to Use

Within the app, Residents have simple and straightforward tutorial screens on how to use Bigbelly’s Smart Compost bins.

smart solar compost app on mobile device showing find a bin screen

Configure to your Program

The app links to information about your specific food waste program. Residents can ask or report issues to you. You can provide residents with information on what can and can’t be put into the Smart Compost bins as well as general information about the program you’re providing – easily accessible through the Smart Compost app.

smart solar compost app on mobile device showing configuration screen

Automated Sign Up

The app doesn’t collect any personal information. Sign up is automated when the app is downloaded, providing the program operator with anonymous use statistics about the program overall and on a bin-by-bin basis.

chart showing sign up automation and rates

Download Smart Compost Mobile App

Download the mobile app on the device of your choice to begin composting today.

Note: For access to the NYC Smart Compost bins, you will need the NYC Smart Compost App.

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