Public Space Waste Solutions

Bigbelly is transforming cities, campuses and businesses around the world from the ground up. We can deploy a configuration of bins and accessories to meet the needs of any public space. 

A Bigbelly for Everywhere 


From small towns, to BIDs, to major metropolitan areas, Bigbelly is transforming communities with configurable solutions that meet their unique needs.

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By keeping waste contained, Bigbelly eliminates windblown litter and a major food source for rats and other pests, creating a cleaner, more inviting park.

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Bigbelly is helping complex transit systems optimize operations and keep litter contained. 

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Bigbelly enables colleges and universities to elevate their spaces for a better on-campus experience.

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Airports around the globe are leveraging Bigbelly to enhance their guest experience and streamline operations.

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Food Service

Bigbelly improves the guest dining experience with fewer waste collection disruptions, allowing staff to focus on customers.

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Amusement Parks & Zoos

Handling high waste volumes and keeping waste contained is a priority for amusement parks and zoos.

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Cleaner Spaces

With our fundamentally better, fully enclosed bins, Bigbelly creates clean and beautiful public spaces. No overflowing bins, no visible waste, and no windblown litter.

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Reduced Collections

The Bigbelly solution can reduce collections by over 80%. Our smart, clean-connected bins send alerts when they’re full, and our compactors hold up to 5x the capacity of traditional bins.

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Public Space Recycling

Consistent and uniform recycling is key for communities to achieve their zero-waste and sustainability goals, creating a better world for everyone.

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Pest & Rat Abatement

Our fully enclosed bins eliminate a major food source for rats and other pests, reducing their population where Bigbelly is deployed.

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