Bigbelly & SWANA Webinar! – ‘Solving Public Space Waste Challenges’

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In partnership with SWANA (the Solid Waste Association of North America), an organization of over 10,000 public and private sector professionals committed to advancing solid waste management,  join Bigbelly for the upcoming FREE webinar “Solving Public Space Waste Challenges.

The Webinar takes place on Thursday, November 3rd from 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM Eastern and registration completely FREE to all!


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ABout the Webinar – “Solving Public Space Waste Challenges” 

HC HC Double - Walnut Creek, CA Street Art - StickersBigbelly, the world’s leading Waste & Recycling solution, is proud to have an ever-growing network of cities who deploy the Bigbelly system worldwide. Municipalities strive to improve their communities through programs & services that transform public spaces and engage residents, visitors, and businesses. 

Creating clean, welcoming, sustainable, resource-efficient spaces that engage and delight their communities is an ongoing challenge for cities due to pervasive public space waste challenges: visible waste, windblown litter, rats, birds, excessive waste collection, lack of recycling & compost infrastructure, and demands on maintenance staff.

Additionally, Bigbelly not only solves common public space waste challenges – cities leverage Bigbelly to strengthen cultural identity, community engagement, and communication through a ubiquitous platform. 


Key Elements of Complete Waste Solution

HC5 Single Wrapped (Tenderloin CBD) 2Bigbelly solves public waste challenges and supports community with the following 4 key elements:

  1. Creating Cleaner, Safer Public Spaces
  2. Providing a customized platform for community engagement
  3. Reducing waste collections & reallocating labor resources
  4. Achieving measurable sustainability goals


To build a custom, right-sized deployment for their neighborhood, cities work one-on-one with Bigbelly’s team of waste solutions experts. Together they assess current waste operations, identify public space waste challenges unique to each environment, and build a system designed to meet the needs and exceed the goals of the community.


Guest Speakers: Bigbelly, Walnut Creek, & San Diego 

In this webinar, hear directly from industry leaders on how cities are solving their biggest waste challenges with Bigbelly, to create clean, welcoming, sustainable, resource-efficient spaces that engage an d delight their communities.

Jeff Satwicz, VP of Product Strategy – Bigbelly: Bigbelly VP of Product Strategy, Jeff Satwicz,  introduces the Bigbelly system, shares how cities across the country leverage Bigbelly’s latest innovations, and how Bigbelly’s newly-expanded solution delivers a community-centric and more cost effective public space waste solution.

Mike Vickers Public Works Manager – City of Walnut Creek, CA: Mike Vickers of Walnut Creek, CA shares how the city deployed Bigbelly to maximize efficiency in waste operations, saving time, labor, financial resources, and improving the City’s service level. Taking advantage of Bigbelly’s design, Walnut Creek brought the community together around local art, and created a litter-free downtown where it matters most.

Alonso Vivas, San Diego Downtown Partnership: Alonso Vivas of SDDP shares how the organization went big with Bigbelly’s new Basic (non-connected) bin, deploying the fully-enclosed unit across different downtown areas, eliminating litter, trash picking, and bringing community pride with beautiful, custom-branded bins. Bigbelly’s Basic unit is fast replacing the traditional trash can, with all the benefits of a contained, hands-free, visually inspiring design.


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“A Bigbelly for Everywhere” – New Products!

A Right-Sized Solution at a Right-Sized Price: Bigbelly’s new and expanded portfolio includes a suite of bin types with different capabilities at a range of price points. Compacting or non-compacting, smart or not-smart, your choice of various waste interfaces.

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