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Multi-Purpose Hosting Platform

A platform deployed in the public right-of-way that delivers much more than smart waste & recycling. It is optimal for hosting additional technologies – from Small Cell to Wi-Fi. It is easy to access and can hide technology in plain sight.

Bigbelly’s world leading platform is deployed in the public right-of-way that delivers much more than smart waste and recycling. In addition to modernizing a core city service, it is optimal for hosting a variety of technologies. It is easy to access and can hide technology in plain sight. Communities can take advantage of required public waste infrastructure as a holding place for other technology, applications, and equipment. Multi-purposing the smart waste system eases logistics, declutters the streetscapes, and further enhances the community experience with improved services.

Communities and solution providers share the challenge of how and where to deploy solutions and telecommunications infrastructure in the public right-of-way without additional clutter or negative aesthetic impact. Consider the possibilities of how your community can leverage the Bigbelly platform to transform not only core waste and recycling service but also leverage the multi-purpose platform add more value to the people across your city, campus, or organization.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

The smart station form factor doubles as a sealed location to conceal a Wi-Fi hotspot in the public right-of-way. No plugs or grid power are required for instant Internet access with up to 200′ signal radius.

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Information & Communication Technologies

Bigbelly’s multi-purpose platform offers a hosting cabinet for various ICT equipment and applications to deploy exactly where it is needed most. Delivers both core waste management & best-in-class information and communication technology services, with minimized visual impact and footprint.

Small Cell &
Wireless Equipment

Leverage the Bigbelly platform as a multi-purpose infrastructure in dense urban areas. It can host small cell /wireless equipment in an easy to access sidewalk location while being hidden in plain sight.

Communities leverage the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System to eliminate the common challenges of managing public space waste.

They also use this multi-purpose platform to solve other technology challenges from the digital divide to bandwidth deficit in dense urban areas.

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