Bigbelly’s CLEAN Software
Cloud-Connected Platform for Smart Waste Management

The newest generation CLEAN Software system supports the growing Bigbelly solution. CLEAN 5.0 provides you with an easier-to-use, more actionable, and more customizable platform.

CLEAN 5.0 introduces not only a redesign but also touches every single connected smart waste station. Explore CLEAN 5.0 for all Bigbelly smart waste stations in your system!

Bigbelly CLEAN Management Console Software on Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

Cloud-Driven Platform for Smart Waste Management

The Cornerstone of the Bigbelly System

The CLEAN Management Console Software is the cornerstone of the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System, providing full visibility into an entire Bigbelly deployment.

Monitor, Manage & Analyze, All in One Place

This is the centralized location from which the system is managed and operational analysis can be done. It includes a set of tools for system setup, management, monitoring, and optimization from either a web-based software or mobile app.

Real-Time Optimization

Real-Time Status

Smart stations communicate real-time status directly into CLEAN Management Console.

Auto-generated Notifications

Auto-generated email, text, and online notifications indicate which stations need to be collected to drive increased productivity while eliminating overflows and unnecessary collections.

Optimize Collection Routines

Users can optimize collection routines, measure and benchmark operations, and realize location- based waste patterns (volume, fill rate, collection activity) across a Bigbelly smart waste fleet.

Centralized Dashboard

Centralized Dashboard with Real-Time Collection Requirements & Metrics

Real-Time Status

Real-Time Station Status Based On Percent Fullness and Age

Push Notifications

Auto-Generated Notifications Trigger Collections Exactly When Needed

Easy Web-based Software Portal

Reliable and Easy-to-Use Web-Based Software; No IT Setup Required


Data Export Capability and API for Third-Party Integrations

Full Suite of Reports

Suite of Reports to Analyze and Benchmark Operations Over Time

Measure Recycling Diversion

Measure and Report on Recycling Diversion Rates per Waste Stream

Asset Management

Customizable Asset Management & Role-Based User Administration

Mobile App for iOS & Android

Anytime, Anywhere Access via Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

Apple App & Google Play

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