Meet the Bigbelly SC5.5

The smart sensing bin that’s anything but standard.

Customized Graphic Wraps & Stickers

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Complete Containment

Total Waste Containment Transforms Aesthetics

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Pest Abatement

No Windblown Litter or Access for Pests

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon 5x Capacity

Increased Capacity (holds 5x Traditional Bin)

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon No Visible Overflows

No Overflows or Visible Waste

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Cloud Connected System

Automated Real-Time Collection Notifications

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Data Insight and Analytics

Operational Insights, Analytics & Reporting

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Uniform Recycling

Uniform Public Space Recycling Programs

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Recycling Diversion

Measuring Recycling Diversion Rates

Suite of Smart, Connected Waste & Recycling Stations to Match the Unique Needs of Your Public Spaces

Each Bigbelly deployment is comprised of a customized fleet of smart waste & recycling stations. Stations can be configured as standalone single stations or as multi-stream double or triple stations to accommodate each community’s or facility’s waste stream collections. Each station is customized based on capacity, waste stream, and accessories/options. The full suite of smart stations are field-proven to be durable and street-tough across all environmental conditions.


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Multiple Capacities

Multiple Capacities

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Self-Powered


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Smart


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Sensing


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon GPS Enabled


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Connected


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SC Lift Bin

Bigbelly’s Standard Capacity Lift Bin – optimized for both manual and automated collections, it is fully compatible with Bigbelly’s best-in-class public space non-compacting waste or recycling station and is compatible with Bigbelly’s SC Hopper interface. The SC Lift Bin features a custom wheeled design, allowing for ergonomic collection with purpose-built fit for the station to ensure proper waste flow into inner bin while matching height requirements. Both HC and SC Lift Bins are available in either comb-style and bar-style lift arm versions. New orders and field upgrades are available for use with current generation stations designated for any waste stream.


Refuse collection trucks with a semi-automated lift arm loader are increasingly popular around the world for waste collection. Semi-automated collection vehicles feature a lift arm compatible with wheeled bins. This collection technique eases collection work while reducing the risk of injury due to lifting or maneuvering heavy waste bins. For customers using bar- and comb- style semi- automated lift arm collection vehicles, Bigbelly offers a durable and ergonomic wheeled lift bin. This lift bin option is available for both HC and SC units instead of the standard inner bin.



Refresh Package

Bigbelly offers three ‘bulk spare part packs’ that make refreshing three commonly packs’ allow Bigbelly to pass through a price break (bulk quantity at a substantial discount) for the most common parts needed to keep stations looking fresh and great for years to come.

If your stations need some aesthetic upkeep, Bigbelly recommends replacing the side skins, solar bubble, and hopper liners in addition to general station cleaning. Replacing these parts instantly make your stations look almost brand new!

HC5/SC5.5 Solar Bubble HC5/SC5/SC5.5 Side Skin HC5 Hopper Liner

Bulk Pack Quantity

12 per pack 30 per pack 50 per pack

Bulk Part SKU




Odor Mask

Is your Bigbelly not smelling like roses?  Freshen up your smart waste station with the Bigbelly Odor Mask.  Available as a factory installed option, or as a retrofit kit, the Odor Mask comes with a bracket, 2 cucumber melon scented disks and instructions.   The scent disks last ~30 days and refills kits are available in packs of four.

Custom Station Wraps

Leverage your Bigbelly stations’ hardware as an eye-catching messaging platform. Drive attention to your desired branding impressions and reach your target audience in a concentrated and visible way.

  • Any configuration of High Capacity and Standard Capacity model stations can be wrapped on all sides. „
  • Customizable station wraps are available for any combination of station types.
  • Promote your brand, public service announcements, sponsorships, advertising, and more.
  • The wraps are full-color durable vinyl material and handle any type of weather while resisting fading.
  • Bigbelly’s design consultants are available to help you with your design or you can provide your own.
  • Anti-graffiti wrap options also available for commonly vandalized areas.
  • Factory installed prior to deployment.


SC Hopper Interface

The Bigbelly SC Hopper is the only waste interface for a non-compacting bin that eliminates pest or human access to waste and reduces illegal dumping.

Bigbelly SC Hopper Competitor Open Interface

Limited Access to Waste

Limited reach access into the bin deter waste pilfering

Pest Reduction

Fully-enclosed system is a proven deterrent of pest activity

No Sharp Edges

Smooth features and plastic components

No Pinch Points

Careful consideration taken in design of moving components

Eliminates Illegal Dumping

Limited size opening prevents disposal of large bags

Hands-Free Foot Pedal Compatible

Reduces transmission of germs and enables Hands-Free operation

Want to Learn More about the SC Hopper?  

Download the 'Anything But Standard' Data Sheet!

Bigbelly Hands Free Foot Pedal

Hands-Free Foot Pedal

Bigbelly’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal provides a public waste system with public health and sanitation in mind. It is the safest on the market, with industry exclusive dampened safety opening, provides a no-touch user interface while maintaining the fully enclosed design that the Bigbelly Hopper System provides.

Talk to us today about easy retrofit options for adding this to existing fleets of hand operated HC5 and SC5! 

Bigbelly Other Smart Bins

Dampened Motion

Soft opening through integrated spring mechanism ensures safety and durability

Bigbelly Hopper Compatible

Designed to pair with Bigbelly’s exclusive HandGuard hopper system

Curved Profile

Side profile prevents damage from sidewalk clearing equipment

Curved Underside

Protects injury to feet and ice and snow buildup

Pinch Point-Free

Curved shapes, smooth motion and no gaps for injury to feet

Stainless Internal Mechanism

Interior moving components are stainless steel for years of worry free operation

Non-Slip Surface

Grip feature on top surface to prevent foot slipping

Want to Learn More about how to go Hands-Free  

Download the Hands-Free Foot Pedal Spec Sheet!

Ash Tray & Stub-Out Plate

The Bigbelly ashtray integrates seamlessly into the front door of an HC5. A large visible aluminum stub out plate is installed on the front door along with matching plates on the sides of the station. A well marked insertion hole provides secure, safe disposal of cigarette butts. The removable bin inside can be emptied into the waste bin at the time of collection. 

*for Bigbelly SC5.5, ergonomic Stub Out Plates on each side is available
Bigbelly HC Other Compactors

Ergonomic Stub-Out Locations

Aluminum plates installed at ergonomic height and placement to protect exterior

Internal Ash Tray Bin

Cigarettes deposited into bin locked inside the Bigbelly HC5

Large Capacity

Capable of holding roughly 2,000 cigarette butts

Fire Resistant

Enclosed design limits air flow, durable aluminum construction

Side Message Panels

Take advantage of your deployment’s valuable messaging real estate without being limited to a single message or graphic. Message panels are a perfect solution if you plan to change out your messaging or advertising regularly for events, seasonal campaigns, or rotating public service announcements.

Bigbelly Message Panels Standard Message Panels

Tamper Resistant

Stainless pin-in-torx screws prevent unauthorized removal

Stock Messaging

Every panel comes with eye-catching stock messaging installed

Weather & Corrosion Resistant

Extruded aluminum frames and printed corrugated plastic insert


Security Management System

Lock down your Bigbelly smart waste stations during special events, leaving them in place, secure and not incurring the expense and hassle of removing from the street. There are four key components to this module:

  1. Pre-lockdown Inspection by event personnel
  2. Physical lockdown of the smart waste stations
  3. Public messaging on the installed security plates
  4. Automated monitoring of unauthorized access or breach through CLEAN software and alerts
Bigbelly Other Smart Bins

Remote Monitoring

Allow event security management to get immediate alerts to unexpected door activity

Waste Disposal Prevention

Block access to prevent any waste disposal of dangerous objects

Compatible with HC HandGuard Hopper

Special plate and locking for HC HandGuard Hopper

Compatible with SC Hopper

Special plate and locking system for SC Hopper

Compatible with SC Faceplates

Security plate covers entire waste opening for all waste streams

Bigbelly's Standard Capacity Smart Sensing Station

Bigbelly's SC5.5 model is anything but a standard waste or recycling bin. The Standard Capacity unit:

  • Provides 50 gallons / 190 liters of waste capacity
  • Suitable for multiple waste streams
  • Senses and reports fullness into CLEAN software
  • Connects seamlessly into Bigbelly's notification system
  • Enables 2-3X productivity gains by knowing when to collect
  • Hopper option prevents pest access to waste

Bigbelly's suite of smart waste bins all communicate their real-time status and notify crews when they are ready to be collected. Having enough capacity and knowing when to collect streamlines waste management operations, increases productivity, and keeps public areas clean and green.

Download the full SC5.5 Data Sheet!