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Standard Capacity Double Station

High Capacity Double Station

High Capacity & Standard Capacity Double Station

High Capacity & Standard Capacity Triple Station

Multi-Stream Configurations Customized for your Smart Waste Fleet

Deploy your smart waste and recycling stations in any configuration to support local public space waste streams. Stations are modular and support any combination of waste streams at each location. Waste Streams Available: Trash, Single Stream Recycling, Bottles & Cans Recycling, Paper Recycling, and Compost/Organics.

Multiple Capacities






Customized Graphic Wraps & Stickers

Total Waste Containment Transforms Aesthetics

No Windblown Litter or Access for Pests

Increased Capacity (Holds 5x Traditional Bin)

No Overflows or Visible Waste

Automated Real-Time Collection Notifications

Operational Insights, Analytics & Reporting

Uniform Public Space Recycling Programs

Measuring Recycling Diversion Rates

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