Introducing Bigbelly ACS: The First Comprehensive Access Control System for Smart Waste!

The IoT age leaves no room for unauthorized access, lack of workforce oversight, lost keys or broken locks. And now, neither do we.

Bigbelly is launching the latest evolution in smart waste technology: the Bigbelly Access Control System, affectionately known as “ACS.”  Bigbelly ACS is a comprehensive, cloud-based Access Control System for the Bigbelly smart waste solution and your workforce, providing unprecedented visibility & fleet management capabilities. 

Now access your Bigbelly stations with just a tap of a unique key card!  No metal keys, no cylinder locks, and the addition of better operational insights.

COMPREHENSIVE & CLOUD-driven, Right at your Fingertips

Think of a hotel key card management solution. Bigbelly now integrates this level of Access Control into Smart Waste deployments, all within your CLEAN Management Software. The Bigbelly Access Control System is entirely cloud-based, secure, responsive, and provides real-time data in all realms of access.  Administrators leave nothing to chance, as they have complete control over who has access, and to which stations. 

Intelligent Access Control with a Unique Solar Flare

Bigbelly Smart Waste Access Control System

Management, Visibility, & Security – The Core Tenets of Bigbelly ACS.

Anatomy of ACS – Bigbelly Station Hardware

Bigbelly ACS makes traditional metal key locks obsolete!  ACS hardware integrates directly into your Bigbelly station’s electronics and is controlled through Bigbelly’s CLEAN Management Console no third-party system required!

Bigbelly Smart Waste Access Control System

Complete command: Manage by Station Group or by User

Grant access to users by groups of Bigbelly stations, or by each station individually.   

Bigbelly Smart Waste Access Control System

Cloud Management, Right in your CLEAN Management Console

Control which specific users can access certain stations at specified times, and achieve full visibility.

Bigbelly Smart Waste Access Control System

Complete access control – Not a Simple Electronic Lock


Bigbelly ACS is far more than a simple electronic locking system. Single-function electronic locks employ only RFID access devices, without a robust management or analytics system behind them.  To understand a bit more about the differences, dare to compare!

Bigbelly Smart Waste Access Control System

Check the Spec! – (If you Tend to be Technical)

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