Dublin City Council Launches Small Cell Infrastructure with Telebelly!

Bigbelly Telebelly Dublin City CouncilDublin, Ireland: This month, Dublin City Council (DCC) launched a new Telecoms Unit to provide a foundation for intelligent urban technology and 5G infrastructure.  The new DCC Unit will act “as a ‘one stop shop’ service to support the delivery of telecoms” in public spaces.

This exciting development was the culmination of DCC’s leading role in the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Connected City program, in which Bigbelly and its Telebelly played a key role The TIP program’s Phase 1 goal was to help accelerate connectivity deployment in Dublin. Using the lessons learned from these first small cell deployments in Ireland TIP is providing a best-in-class play book for other municipalities and campuses around the world.

The Telebelly allows DCC to take advantage of required public waste bin as the “real estate” to house ICT equipment, Wi-Fi, and applications to deploy exactly where it is needed most. The Telebelly offers both core waste management & best-in-class information and communication technology services, with minimized visual impact and footprint.  

Alex Gamota, Bigbelly’s SVP & GM of ICT states, “Bigbelly is thrilled to team with Dublin City Council, TIP, Three Ireland, Cellnex, ESB, Delmec, Obelisk, Alpha Wireless, Future Street, and others to enable better wireless connectivity for the greater Dublin community. DCC is a long-time Bigbelly partner, along with Future Street, our exclusive Ireland distributor for our world-leading smart waste system. Improving connectivity not only supports information and communication technology applications; our innovative Telebelly solution also empowers smart cities to optimize daily operations and enhance the quality of life. We look forward to working with the broader wireless infrastructure ecosystem in deploying our Telebelly multi-purpose small cell siting platform throughout Dublin, Ireland, and around the world.”


Dublin City Council


Read DCC’s Telecoms Press Release:Dublin City Council launches dedicated Telecoms Unit to accelerate digital infrastructure investments and 5G potential.


Owen Keegan, Chief Executive, DCC, stated: “Digital connectivity infrastructure, both fixed and wireless, plays a critical and increasingly important role in Dublin’s economic development. Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of connectivity in our cities and towns. Having the right type of connectivity is also essential for Dublin’s future competitiveness. We are entering a new era of super connectivity with the emergence of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks. Local authorities have an important role to play in supporting the rollout of these networks. Telecom’s infrastructure is now seen as an essential utility just like water and electricity. Dublin as Ireland’s capital city needs to position itself as a leader in digital infrastructure to realise its potential and support the connectivity needs of residents, businesses and communities.”




Telecom Infra Project

Watch TIP’s Full Project Overview:Connected City Infrastructure: Collaborating on Small Cells in Dublin, Ireland

“Over the course of the last year, the TIP Connected City Infrastructure Solution Group, chaired by Dublin City Council, has brought together operators, infrastructure providers, city departments and other partners to collaborate on the deployment of a number of small cells on shared assets in Dublin city center. Dublin City Council, Vodafone, Three, Cellnex, Ligman and Bigbelly talk about the motivations for the project and the value of collaboration under the TIP umbrella in this video.”


Read TIP Playbook Press Release: https://telecominfraproject.com/tip-playbook-eases-urban-5g-network-deployment-through-collaboration-between-cities-and-operators/


Dublin City Council Telecoms Press

Read more about DCC’s Telecoms project in the News!

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