Bigbelly Launches Smart Waste Across Germany

Willkommen! – Bigbelly’s Newest International Subsidiary

Bigbelly Smart Waste Hamburg Germany HC5 Single Foot PedalAs the World Leader in Smart Waste & Recycling, Bigbelly continues to grow worldwide through both its International Distributor network and official global subsidiaries. This year, Bigbelly established its newest international subsidiary, Bigbelly GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Bigbelly GmbH commenced operations this year to support Bigbelly’s growing Smart Waste footprint, customer base, and distributor network across Europe. The new German HQ now provides local technical support and direct sales support throughout the continent. Bigbelly’s international community will now benefit from direct contacts in mainland Europe and localized language accessibility. Bigbelly is now physically & logistically closer to European customers, allowing for more efficient delivery of smart waste stations, parts & maintenance support, and operations all in local currency.  


Bigbelly GmbH’s Inaugural Fleets – Deployments across the Country

Bigbelly GmbH is proud to support a number of smart waste & recycling solutions for communities across Germany, from seaside resort destinations to urban streetscapes.  

Büsum – The Historic Harbor 

HC5 Triple - Foot Pedal - Buesum, Germany 4Located on the North Sea, Büsum is a favored seaside destination, known for its traditional fishing industry, historic harbors, and cultural attractions. Büsum’s Bigbelly fleet consist of High Capacity Triple Kiosks, designed to accommodate waste, paper, and plastic streams.  (learn more about Bigbelly multi-stream modular Kiosks here)

These Bigbelly units are the first waste stations in town that contain differentiated recycling streams – a significant step forward in traditional waste management practices.  As sustainability initiatives become increasingly prevalent across Europe, the deployments of IoT technology allow towns like Büsum to not only reduce the number of waste collections, but improve environmentally-conscious practices. The Hands-Free Foot Pedal is a fan favorite around the world, and Germany is no exception; from a public health & sanitation perspective, visitors love the touchless experience! 



Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Triple - Foot Pedal - Büsum, Germany  

St. Peter-Ording: The Northern Seaside Getaway

HC5 Single - St- Peter-Ording - Foot Pedal - Ash Tray 3-jpegSankt Peter-Ording is a municipality in the district of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein and a popular German seaside spa destination. Known for its beaches, “it is the only German seaside resort that has a sulphur spring and thus terms itself “‘North Sea spa and sulphur spring’.” (Learn More)

St. Peter-Ording deployed a fleet of High-Capacity Smart Waste stations along the boardwalk, featuring bright custom wraps, ash trays, the iconic Hands-Free Foot Pedal. As a popular holiday destination, the municipality sees high volume foot traffic throughout the tourist season, so keeping the beaches litter-free and the protecting the natural environment is a top priority. 

Bigbelly Smart Waste HC5 Single - St. Peter-Ording - Foot Pedal - Ash Tray

Reducing waste collections, which keeping litter completely contained is key to the visitor interaction; tourists & residents are uninterrupted by waste collection trips, while also experiencing a seemingly effortless, clean & beautiful aesthetic.  Additionally, waste bin uniformity makes a significant visual impact, complete with municipal brand recognition and public messaging.

Bigbelly Smart Waste HC5 Single - St. Peter-Ording - Foot Pedal - Ash Tray

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