APPA, Bigbelly & UIC Webinar: Build a Successful Campus Waste Solution! (June 15th)

What makes a Successful Campus Waste Solution? Join us for the Webinar!

APPA-Logo-6-1024x333In partnership with APPA, the leading organization for educational facilities professionals, Bigbelly invites you to join us for the upcoming FREE webinar “4 Key Elements of a Successful Campus Waste Solution.” 
The higher education community will come together next Wednesday, June 15th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern to hear directly from leaders in the field on how to build a complete waste & recycling solution with multifaceted benefits. Registration completely free to all!


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The 4 Key Elements: Webinar Learning Objectives

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Of the many benefits of the Bigbelly solution, campuses have identified the 4 key elements to deploying a successful waste & recycling system. With the Bigbelly solution, campuses:

  1. Hide & contain waste in public spaces
  2. Implement consistent, aesthetically appealing waste infrastructure
  3. Reduce waste collections & reallocate labor resources
  4. Achieve sustainability goals


To build custom, right-sized deployments for their space, Higher Ed facilities work one-on-one with Bigbelly’s team of waste solutions experts. Together they assess current waste operations, identify on-campus waste challenges, and create a system that fits their community.


Campus & Waste Solutions Leaders



In this webinar, hear from Carly Provost-Rizor, Superintendent of Grounds at the University of Illinois – Chicago, about how the university vetted, implemented, and expanded their comprehensive waste solution across campus. Learn how UIC realized benefits in aesthetic impact, operational efficiency, and campus sustainability.

Bigbelly President & CEO, Brian Phillips, and VP of Product Strategy & Engineering Jeff Satwicz will share the latest innovations launched this year, and how Bigbelly’s newly-expanded solution delivers the next stage in the evolution of public space waste solutions.



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