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A Station for Every Station – Bigbelly Smart Waste Cleans Up Public Transit

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 - Florin Road Partnership Sacramento CA - Wrap 1Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling stations live in public spaces around the world, thriving in high-traffic environments where efficient & sustainable waste operations are critical. In addition to cities, universities, retail venues and airports (just to name a few), there is one public space venue where Bigbelly stations support the, well, non-stationary: public transit stations! 

Bigbelly has proven to be ideal for the high-volume, ever-moving, waste-accumulating environment found in public train stations, bus stations & terminals, trolley stations, ferry ports, and much more.  Underground or above, public transit systems are on the front lines of waste management challenges, and utilize Bigbelly to keep operations economically efficient, clean & safe, sustainable, and moving!


Waste Collection Challenges for Public Transportation

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Single - New Orleans LA - TransitWith traditional waste management infrastructure, large ridership areas not only make waste & recycling collection a time-consuming task, the high volume of riders means a LOT of waste passing through as well. Public transit systems face a full range of waste challenges, which encompass collection scale, collection frequency, collection accessibility, health & sanitation concerns, and workforce challenges.

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Single - Prague Czech Republic - 3


Smart Waste Solutions: Above-Ground & Underground

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Double - Southern Station Australia - Foot Pedal 3 (Edited)

When public transit systems decide they need a smarter solution, they take advantage of Bigbelly’s solution features & benefits.


The Results: A Community that Never Stops Moving 

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Single - Richfield MN - Side Message Panel - Foot Pedal (Edited)

Reduce Collections up to 80%:

Public spaces reduce waste collections through both Bigbelly’s increased bin capacity and cloud-driven fleet management.  Fewer, more efficient collections means that transit teams save time, financial resources, staffing resources, and materials.

•   Labor Force Optimization: Transit systems aiming to maximize output & workforce development utilize Bigbelly to make the most out of their existing teams. They free up labor hours & financial resources and reallocate their current workforce to more impactful and complex tasks. Smart Waste enables more time & funding to expand operational scope and educate teams!

•   Minimizing Bin Footprint & Passenger Disruptions: Fewer waste bins mean quick, more efficient collection trips, where maintenance staff are able to minimize disruptions during high-traffic hours. 

•   Optimal Times to Collect: Collections can be performed during low-traffic hours, addressing the issue of a 24-hour service demand with traditional bins. Collection teams have greater accessibility to the bins themselves as well, a common issue when collecting 24/7.


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Single - El Paso Sun Metro - Message Pedal - Foot PedalPrioritizing Public Health & Safety: At this time especially, health & safety are a critical component to public programs & services. Bigbelly’s system is hands-free and provides total waste containment.

•   Hands-Free Waste Disposal: Public and private entities alike are more conscious than ever of infrastructure and operations, prioritizing public health & sanitation. Bigbelly stations feature a Hands-Free Foot Pedal, so the public can dispose of waste without ever touching a trash can!

•   Reduced Contact with Waste: By reducing collections by 80%, collections staff’s exposure to waste is also greatly reduced.

•   Total Waste Containment: Bigbelly’s 100% contained design eliminates exposed waste and litter, reduces pests & pilfering, and improves the overall safety to pedestrians and maintenance staff.


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling BB5 Triple-Anaheim CA-transitAchieving Sustainability Goals: Bigbelly’s Smart Waste & Recycling solution delivers improved Recycling Diversion, reduced GHG Emissions, reduced Plastic Material Use, and it’s all measurable!

•   Increasing Recycling Diversion: Bigbelly provides a customizable, effective public space recycling program by incorporating 1.) customized Recycling Streams, and 2.) Volume & Diversion rate data for each stream.

•   Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Regardless of vehicle & fuel type, Bigbelly enables a massive opportunity to eliminate overall GHG Emissions by reducing collections and GHG emissions up to 80%. Bigbelly has a 40% greater impact on reducing GHG Emissions than purchasing BEV trucks, and for less money!

•   Reduce Plastic Liner Bags: In many public space applications, using liner bags are required. Bigbelly reduces plastic liner use by up to 80%.


Aesthetics, Uniformity, & Community Engagement:

Public transit systems from New Orleans to Anaheim to Sydney create a clean, aesthetically pleasing public transit environment for residents, tourists, and corporate commuters. Transit organizations customize their Bigbelly fleets with wraps & message panels to engage their ridership community with public messaging, branding, and local advertising.


Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling HC5 Single - Toulon, France 3 Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling New Orleans Canal and Tonti (BEST) Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling New Orleans Bienville Station


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