“Montclair Expands Bigbelly To All Business Districts”

“Montclair loves its Bigbelly smart disposal units so much that the town installed 30 more units this week. The purchase of the 150-gallon solar-powered trash compactors follows the success of the initial rollout of 40 units in Montclair Center last February.” – Baristanet.com article.

The Township of Montclair, New Jersey adopted the Bigbelly system back in early 2017 with a phased approach to replacing their traditional waste bins with Bigbelly. 

Montclair’s Mayor Robert Jackson is previously quoted as saying, “The new system is another example of the Township striving to keep our public areas clean for enjoyment by residents and visitors, and we now have the added benefit of a more energy- and resource-efficient refuse collection system. Montclair Center will serve as a Bigbelly pilot program and, with the anticipated measured success of the initial 40 units, we will likely deploy more Bigbelly waste disposal bins throughout Montclair in the future.”


The Township has fully embraced Bigbelly Smart Waste Management for their community with a 96% efficiency rating over the last 12 months – a true indicator of smart system adoption. Town officials and collection crews have experienced measurable success in reducing collections from 28x to 5x per month (approximately 6-7x down to 1-2x per week) – an 82% reduction in collections.

We are incredibly honored to see Montclair’s dedication to a smarter waste management solution and give tremendous kudos to Montclair for their commitment to enhancing this public service delivery and creating cleaner a environment! Read on for more as reported by local news outlet, Baristanet.com:

Look for the new receptacles placed strategically in areas of high foot traffic at Watchung Plaza, Upper Montclair, South End and Walnut Street. Montclair Center already has 40 Bigbelly units, installed back in February. The solar-powered units provide greater efficiency since they run motorized compactors which greatly reduce waste volumes. The units allow for up to five times the capacity of traditional trash bins. In addition, the receptacles have built-in cloud computing technology which sends out an alert when a bin needs to be emptied.

“The beauty of the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system is that we can track and measure operations to optimize collection routines by location-based waste patterns,” said Craig Brandon, Montclair’s Supervisor of Solid Waste Services. “The technology has helped us minimize how often we collect waste from the bins which saves on human labor, use of our trucks and fuel. Plus, overflowing trash cans are no longer an issue with the smart bins.”

Source: Baristanet.com


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