Milwaukee Hosts Small Cell with Bigbelly! – The City’s New Telebelly Fleet

Bigbelly-IoT-Graphic-HighlightsAugust, 2020: The City of Milwaukee, WI adopts the innovative AND inconspicuous Telebelly solution: Bigbelly’s multipurpose platform for hosting small cell & IT in the public right-of-way.

Major stakeholders in the project included two national wireless carriers, and the City itself. The new Telebelly stations host small cell within their unit, as well as provide a smart waste solution to the community.

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The Small Cell Challenge: High tech & Aesthetically-Sensitive

Bigbelly Telebelly MilwaukeeThe City of Milwaukee first connected with Bigbelly when a major wireless carrier reached out regarding siting challenges ahead of a significant event in the area. The event was fast approaching, and the city required a solution to host small cell in those central, inevitably high-traffic locations. The City looked to solve the all-too-common problem of hiding small cell infrastructure in a manner with the least visual impact. In other words: their complex technology needed to hide in plain sight.

Like many central locations, these high-traffic downtown areas were deemed to be “aesthetically sensitive.” Project approval was fully contingent on the Telebelly’s concealment solution: its ability to be compact, efficient, safe, and self-effacing.


THE GO-AHEAD: Telebelly Provides the SOlution

Bigbelly Telebelly Milwaukee EnclosureThe City was excited about the Telebelly’s multipurpose capabilities, such as small cell hosting, smart waste, IT hosting and more. But most importantly, Milwaukee was intrigued by the Telebelly’s ubiquitous form factor; its simple & understated aesthetic is inherently non-intrusive. This was essential to their form factor challenge.

Within six months of the initial conversation with the wireless carrier, the Telebellies were installed and ready to go! Already, both wireless carriers and the City are thrilled with the installation & performance of their new fleet, and assert that the Telebelly units are an excellent solution for areas which are traditionally difficult to permit.

What The City can Expect from a Multipurpose HOSTING Solution

Looking to the future: Bigbelly Information & Communication Technology

Bigbelly is excited to provide our wireless carrier customers and municipal, higher ed, and enterprise partners an innovative, sustainable, long-term solution for both smart waste and telecommunications.  Decision makers all over the world are adopting the multifaceted, versatile Telebelly as their next-generation ICT hosting solution. Keep on the lookout for more Telebellies across the globe enabling today & tomorrow’s wireless technologies! 

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