The World Leading Smart
Waste & Recycling System

Communities in 50+ countries deploy Bigbelly’s suite of smart, sensor-equipped waste stations. Each unit communicates its real-time status and notifies crews when it is ready to be collected. This streamlines waste management operations, increases productivity, and keeps public areas clean and green.

Modernizing Public Space Waste Management with the
Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System

Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces. Communities and facilities deploy smart, solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate real-time status to collection crews to enable efficiencies.

The cloud-connected, web-based platform delivers actionable insights into your waste operation. Bigbelly’s complete suite of stations includes a smart, compacting model to capture the waste volumes of your high traffic areas, plus a smart standard capacity model for your less busy areas. The integrated solution provides you with an intelligent fleet – 100% smart with 5x increased capacity where it is needed most.

Offered as a turnkey platform, each fleet is customizable and modular based on your capacity, waste stream, and accessory needs including any Smart City applications add-ons. Connect customers deploy their platform as a subscription which includes the services and support they need to succeed.



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Total Waste Containment
Transforms Aesthetics


No Windblown Litter or
Access for Critters


Increased Capacity
(5x Traditional Bin)

No Overflows or
Visible Waste


Automated Real-Time
Collection Notifications


Operational Insights,
Analytics & Reporting


Uniform Public Space
Recycling Programs

Measurable Recycling
Diversion Rates


Gallons of Waste Captured
in Last 12 Months


Compaction Cycles Logged
in Last 12 Months


Collections Made Globally
in Last 12 Months

Bigbelly’s CLEAN Software
Cloud-Connected Platform for Smart Waste Management

CLEAN Management Console Software is the cornerstone of the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System, providing full visibility into an entire operation. This is the centralized location from which the system is managed and operational analysis can be done. It includes a set of tools for system setup, management, monitoring, and optimization from either a web-based software or mobile app.

Smart stations communicate real-time status directly into CLEAN Management Console. Auto-generated email, text, and online notifications indicate which stations need to be collected to drive increased productivity while eliminating overflows and unnecessary collections.


Users can optimize collection routines, measure and benchmark operations, and realize location-based waste patterns (volume, fill rate, collection activity) across a Bigbelly smart waste fleet.

Bigbelly CLEAN Management Console Software on Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

System Dashboard with Collection Requirements & Fleet Metrics

Comprehensive Suite of Tools for Data-Driven Reporting & Analytics

Real-Time Station Status Including Percent Fullness and Age

Customizable Asset Management & Role-Based User Administration

Email, Text & Mobile Notifications Inform & Automate Operations

99.99% Uptime Reliable and Easy To Use Web-Based Software

Suite of Smart, Connected Waste & Recycling Stations to Match the Unique Needs of Your Public Spaces

Each Bigbelly deployment is comprised of a customized fleet of smart waste & recycling stations. Stations can be configured as standalone single stations or as multi-stream double or triple stations to accommodate each community’s or facility’s waste stream collections. Each station is customized based on capacity, waste stream, and accessories/options. The full suite of smart stations are field-proven to be durable and street-tough across all environmental conditions.

Bigbelly's Smart Waste Stations are available in two capacities: high capacity compactors and standard capacity stations

Multiple Capacities

Bigbelly's Smart Waste Stations are Self-Powered, Solar-Powered


Bigbelly's Smart Waste Stations are Smart



Bigbelly's Smart Waste Stations are Location Enabled with a GPS Antenna

GPS Enabled

Bigbelly's Smart Waste Stations are Connected to a Cellular Network


Standard Capacity (SC5.5)

Smart, Self-Powered Non-Compacting Model

– Capacity: 50 Gallons (~190 liters)
– Senses & Communicates Fullness
– On-board GPS for geolocation
– Enclosed design with hopper  *NEW!
– Durable & street-tough design
Anything but a standard bin!

High Capacity (HC5)

Smart, Solar-Powered Compacting Model

– Capacity: 150 Gallons (~570 liters)
– Built-in Compactor (5:1 Ratio)
– Senses & Communicates Fullness
– On-board GPS for geolocation
– Enclosed design with hopper
– Durable & street-tough design

Download Data Sheet for Bigbelly's SC5.5 Smart Non-Compacting Bin

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Download Data Sheet for Bigbelly's HC5 Smart, Solar Compactor

Learn More about the HC5 Model ➡

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Multi-Stream Configurations

Deploy your smart waste and recycling stations in any configuration to support local public space waste streams. Stations are modular and support any combination of waste streams at each location. Waste Streams Available: Trash, Single Stream Recycling, Bottles & Cans Recycling, Paper Recycling, and Compost/Organics.

Standard Capacity Double Station with Trash Flap and Single Stream Recycling Faceplate
High Capacity and Standard Capacity Double Station with Trash Hopper and Single Stream Recycling Faceplate
High Capacity and Standard Capacity Double Station with Trash Hopper and Single Stream Recycling Hopper
Standard Capacity and High Capacity Triple Station with Trash Hopper, Compost Flap, and Single Stream Recycling Faceplate

Options & Accessories

Bigbelly Smart Waste System Accessories - Wheeled Interior Lift BinFor customers using semi-automated lift arm collection vehicles, Bigbelly offers a durable and ergonomic wheeled lift bin for High Capacity compacting stations. Refuse collection trucks with a semi-automated lift arm loader feature a lift arm compatible with wheeled bins. This collection technique eases collection work while reducing the risk of injury due to lifting or maneuvering heavy waste bins.

„„The lift arm compatible interior bin features a patented telescoping design which allows it to be identical in size to a standard interior bin when collapsed then expand vertically to support lift-arm interface.

Available for both Standard and High Capacity models, in both bar and comb styles.

Bigbelly Smart Waste System Accessories - Graphic WrapsLeverage your smart waste and recycling stations as an eye-catching messaging platform with full-color laminate wraps. The stations hold valuable real estate on sidewalks, campuses, parks, ports, and facilities. Customize wraps to „„promote your city, university or organization brand, public service announcements, sponsorships, advertising, and more.

Any configuration of High Capacity and Standard Capacity models can be wrapped on all sides (front, sides, back). Our design consultants will help you with your design, or you can provide your own. Anti-graffiti options are also available for use in commonly vandalized areas.

Available for all station models.

Bigbelly Smart Waste System Accessories - Message Panels and StickersTake advantage of your deployment’s valuable messaging real estate without do not feel tied down to a single message or graphic. Message panels are perfect if you plan to change out your messaging or advertising regularly for events, seasonal campaigns, or rotating public service announcements.

„„Stickers provide you with a smaller, customizable graphic intended to be permanent – be it branding, recycling directions, or a sponsor highlight. „Oftentimes your branding and logo pair well with rotating message panels for a powerful, lasting design.

Available for all station models.

Bigbelly Smart Waste System Accessories - Foot Pedal for Hands-Free OperationHigh Capacity compacting stations with foot pedals feature the durability and quality of standard compacting stations plus the convenience of hands-free disposal. „„The foot pedal is crafted and constructed of strong and durable aluminum and stainless steel, engineered for a smooth and effortless step-on operation.

Bigbelly’s rigorous lifecycle and durability testing coupled with controlled field introductions prove functional and environmental endurance. „„Foot pedal operated compacting stations are self-closing and maintain the proven enclosed design for waste and odor control.

Available for High Capacity Models.

Bigbelly Smart Waste System Accessories - Security System for Stations and Remote MonitoringThe Security System prevents access to stations and alerts authorities via email or text if a station is breached, while eliminating the need to remove stations during special events. The Security System consists of two components: (1) the Security Management Module that enables operations to remotely set up and manage security events and (2) physical Security Plates that prevent access to the stations.

The online Security Management Module provides the event creation, scheduling, monitoring, and notifications. The Security Plates are installed during special events to prevent access to high capacity or standard capacity stations. Custom graphics can be added that communicate that the stations are out of service.

Available for all station models.

Bigbelly Smart Waste System Accessories - Ashtray and Stub Out PlateBigbelly offers ashtrays and stub-out plates as an optional accessory for High Capacity stations to encourage proper disposal of cigarettes in your outdoor public spaces.

„„The ashtray is accessible by the user on the front door beneath the hopper. „„The ashtray bin is easy to empty when collecting the station’s waste. It is built directly into the front door of high capacity stations and is made of fireproof materials as to not damage the station itself. „„The stub-out plates are located on each side of the station to encourage smokers to stub out their cigarette on the intended plate rather than the plastic top bubble or exterior plastic.

Available for High Capacity Models.

Customized Graphic Wraps & Stickers

Standardized Labels in Partnership with Recycle Across America®

Bigbelly has partnered with Recycle Across America®  to create standardized labels for Bigbelly stations. Recycle Across America is a non-profit on a mission to create the world’s first and only society-wide standardized labeling system for recycling bins to make it easier for people to begin to recycle right, wherever they might be.

Explore all of the standardized label options custom-sized for Bigbelly stations here: → 

The standardized labels are proven to increase recycling levels and dramatically decrease the amount of contamination (aka garbage) thrown in recycling bins; therefore, improving the financial viability of recycling. Standardized labels further enhance the impact of Bigbelly’s uniform system that measures and reports on recycling diversion while reducing communities’ overall environmental footprint.