Colleges & Universities strive to deploy solutions that keep their campus clean, showcase commitment to sustainability, and overcome operational challenges with data.

Modernizing a Core Campus Operation: Public Space Waste & Recycling

Campuses around the world are embracing a transformation of public spaces, service delivery, and quality of life for their students, staff, and visitors. Bigbelly’s solutions empower campuses, from large cities to rural environments, to modernize a core campus service while providing a multi-purpose platform to deploy other technologies and applications.

Maintain a Cleaner Campus for
Students, Staff, and Visitors to Enjoy

Cleanliness and aesthetics are important first impression points for students, staff and alumni when they arrive on campus. Universities use the Bigbelly system to beautify their grounds, create a uniform bin aesthetic, and instill a sustainable, litter-free campus. Schools can leverage the stations as a multi-purpose platform for promoting university messaging, enabling Wi-Fi access, or deploying sensor networks.

Showcase Campus
Commitment to Sustainability

Colleges have a unique opportunity to implement sustainable solutions at scale that make a lasting difference. Schools deploy Bigbelly throughout campus for a uniform campus-wide recycling system that measures diversion rates and provides a messaging platform to reinforce proper disposal. This visible initiative showcases your commitment to be a more environmentally responsible institution.

Streamline Operations &
Maximize Resources

Campuses are reaping the benefits of knowing exactly where and when to collect waste on campus, delivering a collections savings up to 80%. Each area of campus has unique capacity, waste stream, and collection needs. Whether facing constant overflows on the quad, tasked with tracking Zero Waste initiatives, or challenged with implementing a compost program, these are easy problems to solve with Bigbelly.

Meet Bigbelly: The World Leader in Smart Waste & Recycling

Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions. Colleges and universities deploy smart, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate real-time status to grounds crews to enable efficiencies. Deployed across public and private campuses from community colleges to the ivy leagues, the cloud-connected and web-based platform delivers actionable insights into waste operation. Offered as a turnkey system, each fleet is customizable and modular based on capacity, waste stream, and accessory needs.

With [the Bigbelly system’s] ability to compact and send alert messages, we’ve been able to go from spending 30 hours a week to spending less than three hours a week in collection. These stations have been well received by our patrons and have really improved the aesthetics of our historical campus, specifically North Campus.

Cale Caudell, Support Services Manager, University of Georgia

Leverage Core Infrastructure to Deliver Additional Applications & Technologies

The Bigbelly Telebelly is a platform deployed in the public right-of-way that delivers much more than smart waste and recycling. In addition to modernizing a core campus service, it is optimal for hosting additional technologies. It is easy to access and can hide technology in plain sight.

Campuses can take advantage of required public waste infrastructure as a holding place for other technology and applications such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, location-based beacon networks, and environmental sensors. Multi-purposing the smart waste system eases logistics and further enhances the campus with improved services.

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