Worcester City Council combats greedy Seagulls with Bigbelly

Worcester’s growing population of greedy gulls is being brought into line following Worcester City Council’s decision to trial 10 Bigbelly smart waste units’ ability to prevent seagull scavenging and increase litter capacity in city centre locations throughout the town.

The trial lasts until 14 September and will help prevent seagulls from pulling half-eaten food out of litter bins as a result of Bigbelly’s enclosed design, which requires users to open them via a handle or foot pedal. Once the litter is deposited, Bigbelly’s self-closing lids make it impossible for seagulls to gain access.Worcester-bigbelly-e1533634345236

Cllr Joy Squires, Chair of the Environment Committee at Worcester City Council, comments: “These new bins could be what we need to reduce the problem of scavenging gulls and stop the unsightly and unhygienic issue of little bins over-flowing. As a Council, we’re keen to look at new and innovative ways of delivering services more effectively and efficiently – and this could be a great way of making our streets even cleaner.”

Bigbelly units can hold up to eight times more waste than standard bins due to their solar compaction technology, which compresses waste down when it reaches a certain level, prolonging time in-between collections and making the collection process much more efficient. Inbuilt sensors then alert council staff as to when they need emptying instead of empties being made unnecessarily simply because they are on a collection round.

Local authorities across the UK are using them to create efficiencies by freeing up council workers’ time for other street cleansing services.

Mark Jenkins, Sales Director at Egbert Taylor, which is based near Worcester and distributes Bigbelly in the UK, adds: “Bigbelly is meeting the multifaceted demands of customers through the introduction of these smart technologies. Whilst Bigbelly’s primary aim is to facilitate smarter collections, eliminate overfull bins and help local authorities achieve more for less, we’re delighted that it’s also helping to stop seagull scavenging and combat unwanted visitors on the streets of Worcester.”

Source: Egbert Taylor Newsroom


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