Women Leadership in IoT & Multi-Purposed Smart Infrastructure at IoT Solution World Congress 2018


Bigbelly is returning to Barcelona for the 2018 edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) from October 16-18. This industry leading industrial internet event, organized by Fira de Barcelona, will bring together hundreds of global IoT leaders to discuss the latest trends, applications, and impacts of the industrial internet.

Leila Dillon, Bigbelly’s Vice President of Global Marketing and North American Distribution, an experienced IoT business strategist and thought-provoking communicator, returns to the IoTSWC stage for the third year running. She has previously participated as a lead session panelist and moderator for numerous panel discussions related to the technological and business impact of deploying a IoT platform on a global scale and proven IoT applications impacting Smart Cities today.

Leila returns this year as a member of the IOTSWC Program Committee and will be taking the stage twice on day one (Tuesday, October 16) as a moderator in the congress’ celebrated Women Leadership in IoT luncheon and a leading panel session discussing multi-purposed smart infrastructure in the Buildings and Infrastructure conference track.


Panel Session BI1: Smart Infrastructure Multi-purposed For Today and Tomorrow

October 16th, 10:25 am – 11:10 am, Room 4

Abstract: Cities are becoming more densely populated, and advance with technologies, the opportunity arises to solve everyday challenges with smart solutions and infrastructure and getting more out of core city infrastructure becomes a requirement when seeking to implement IoT technologies. Smart solution providers will discuss smart infrastructure that can be multi-purposed to meet the growing and evolving needs of the community in which it is deployed.



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October 16th, 1:15 pm – 3:30 pm, Room 1.1 – CC1

Join a panel discussion with inspirational women leaders in Industrial IoT representing established corporations and startups. Following the panel, a cocktail will be provided giving you the opportunity to connect with the panelists and other women in various aspects and careers in Industrial IoT.


IOTSWC 2018 - Women Leadership in IoT Panelists


Will you be at IOTSWC? We would love to meet you there!

Leila Dillon is available for one-on-one briefings to discuss how to leverage the Bigbelly platform to modernize core waste and recycling services and how the platform can provide extended value by hosting Smart City technologies. Please contact Leila directly to schedule a meeting on-site at IOTSWC: ldillon@bigbelly.com.


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