Watch the Discussion from #NEDASNYC – Building out Infrastructure to Meet Tomorrow’s Telecom Demands

Bigbelly had the pleasure of spending a day alongside telecom industry leaders at the Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association’s NYC Summit in New York City’s Time Square. Our SVP of the Information and Communications Technologies division, Alex Gamota, participated as a panelist in a session titled “A Market Evolution: Building out the U.S. Infrastructure to Meet Tomorrow’s Demands” (read more about it here). 

Alex Gamota took the stage in a panel discussion to explore the market evolution in building out infrastructure to meet tomorrow’s demand. Aligned with the NEDAS mission of shaping a new wireless future to enable communications everywhere, Alex and his fellow participants engaged summit attendees and encourage exploration for small cell deployment solutions in today’s evolving landscape and increasing availability of multi-purpose platforms.

If you were not able to join the event’s livestream, watch a recording of our panel’s discussion below! 



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