Upcoming Webinar: “Return to Campus the ‘Smart’ Way: the 3 Major Benefits of Smart Waste!”

Back to School – Prepare your campus with Smart Waste Solutions 

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 11.38.13 AMIn partnership with APPA, the leading organization for educational facilities professionals, Bigbelly invites you to join us for the upcoming FREE webinar “Return to Campus the ‘Smart’ Way: the 3 Major Benefits of Smart Waste.

The national education community will come together on Thursday, April 8th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM (Eastern) to hear directly from leaders in the field on the multifaceted benefits of Smart Waste & Recycling on campus. Registration completely free to all, and we are thrilled to host!

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About the Webinar & Guest Speakers

Triple HC HC HC - U California Berkeley - Message Panel Stickers - 1Bigbelly is proud to have an ever-growing community of higher education facilities who deploy Bigbelly’s Smart Waste & Recycling solution on campus. These Bigbelly HE community members range from some of the largest universities in the country to small colleges, from densely urban cityscapes to rural environments, and everything in between. However, all of these schools have something in common: they are leading the way in sustainable & efficient waste management technology by deploying Bigbelly in their public spaces.

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In alignment with Bigbelly’s “3 Pillars,” the Bigbelly Higher Ed community realizes 3 key benefits to their public spaces: Sustainability, Beautification (also referred to as “Clean & Safe”), and Operational Efficiency. Each college or university who adopts Bigbelly has their own unique experiences with these three benefits, based on their priorities, needs, and core values. Though the reasons why they first adopt Bigbelly may differ, their on-campus communities gain all three advantages of Bigbelly’s Smart Waste & Recycling technology.

Speaking to their experience with Smart Waste & Recycling solutions on their campuses are two Bigbelly Higher Ed Community Leaders: Lin King, Zero Waste Manager at UC Berkeley, and Mark Helms, Assistant VP of Facilities Services at the University of Florida.  Representing Bigbelly is Jeff Satwicz, VP of Product Strategy & Innovation, and one of the founders of the Smart Waste industry.

APPA, Bigbelly and our HE Community Leaders are excited looking forward to bringing everyone together for a discussion on Smart Waste and the multifaceted advantages for college & university campuses.

“3 Key Learning Objectives”

BB5 Double - Univ Northern Texas - Wrap and Side PanelSUSTAINABILITY: Higher Ed facilities often begin their conversation with Bigbelly and deploy it on campus as a sustainability technology. Campuses are often the most progressive leaders in sustainability and data-driven reporting, also seeking to improve their recycling diversion rates. The Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling system was founded on alternative energy & sustainability, making it a key leader in green smart city tech.

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BEAUTIFICATION (aka. “Clean & Safe”): Beautification, public health, and safety are universal campus values worldwide, and schools have achieved these goals consistently by deploying Bigbelly. Beautification does not only refer to aesthetics; the term encompasses a large sphere of ‘quality of life’ initiatives. Campuses deploy Bigbelly for pest reduction, to eliminate windblown litter, and to reduce contaminants, as Bigbelly stations are designed for Complete Containment. This past year, public sanitation is especially important during COVID; campuses leverage Bigbelly’s Hands-Free design to help slow the spread.

HC HC Double - UIC 2OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: By reducing the total OPEX associated with on-campus waste management, key decision makers adopt Bigbelly for its impact on cost savings. Colleges and University administrations realize up to 80% operational savings by reducing collections (by way of Bigbelly’s increased capacity and efficient collection technology), decreases resource use (ie. liner bags), and reallocation of labor to important tasks. The decision to adopt Bigbelly’s Smart Waste & Recycling solution often begins with Sustainability and Beautification, and subsequently closes with the data-driven Operational Efficiency benefits. It is a data-driven gem for key decision makers.

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