Top 25 Highest Diversion Smart Campus Deployments – Bigbelly 2018 Year in Review

Campus - Diversion - 2018

We’re thrilled to recognize our customers who are making a difference in sustainability and environmental protection through their use of Bigbelly’s smart waste management solution. We are excited to unveil the Top 25 Highest Recycling & Compost Diversion Ratios from Smart Campus Deployments ranking of 2018.

We are excited to see three-year repeat communities rank on this year’s list including seven from the University of California and Cal State systems; University of Washington – Seattle; MIT; University of Illinois at Chicago; Wesleyan University; Louisiana State; UNC – Chapel Hill… to name a few! We’re equally excited to see some new campuses rise in the ranks such as Colorado State University; Lehigh University; Western Washington; and Florida A&M. Kudos to all of our campuses who are changing the status quo with Bigbelly!

  1. University of California – San Francisco, CA (US) – 69% of Waste was Diverted from the Landfill!!
  2. University of California – Merced, CA (US)
  3. Western Washington University, WA (US)
  4. University of Washington – Seattle, WA (US)
  5. University of California – Berkeley, CA (US)
  6. Seattle Central College, WA (US)
  7. Colorado State University, CO (US)
  8. Lehigh University, PA (US)
  9. University of California – San Diego, CA (US)
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MA (US)
  11. University of Illinois at Chicago, IL (US)
  12. Wesleyan University, CT (US)
  13. University of California – Santa Barbara, CA (US)
  14. University of Chicago, IL (US)
  15. Chapman University, CA (US)
  16. University of Georgia, GA (US)
  17. University of California – Irvine, CA (US)
  18. California State University – San Marcos, CA (US)
  19. Alabama A&M, AL (US)
  20. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC (US)
  21. California State University – East Bay, CA (US)
  22. George Washington University, DC (US)
  23. Washtenaw Community College, MI (US)
  24. Florida A&M, FL (US)
  25. Louisiana State University, LA (US)


Congratulations to each and every one of these colleges and universities for their commitment to recycling and sustainability. We could not be more proud to be a part of these campuses’ success in achieving goals related to public space recycling diversion to create a more sustainable community for today and tomorrow.

The Bigbelly connected systems worldwide captured, contained, and collected 144,112,133 gallons (545,523,766 liters) of waste in public spaces in 2018. Over half of Bigbelly customer deployments have multiple waste streams and 22,520,056 gallons (85,247,685 liters) were diverted from landfills throughout last year thanks to pedestrians’ proper disposal in Bigbelly units dedicated to recycling and compost streams.


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