Tech Savvy Bigbelly Bins Eat Waste in Walnut Creek Community

Originally published from the News Desk in the City of Walnut Creek, California:

Walnut Creek is now the first city in Contra Costa County to install state-of-the-art Bigbelly trash bins. Bigbelly bins are solar-powered trash and recycling compactors that hold five times the capacity of regular-sized bins. On February 1, 35 of the advanced dual trash bins were installed in downtown Walnut Creek, completely replacing existing bins.


Larry Luna, Walnut Creek Senior Park Maintenance Worker Mark Cabihi and Fernando Luna (left to right), install Bigbelly trash bins in downtown Walnut Creek. // Photo credit: Liz Payne,  City of Walnut Creek 


Bigbelly bins use solar power to efficiently compact trash and recyclables, allowing for fewer scheduled pickups which results in lower fuel emissions and increased employee safety. The bins’ increased capacity means the City can capture more recyclables than ever before. Wireless technology automatically notifies staff when the bins are approaching capacity and need to be emptied. This feature eliminates overflowing litter, which can pollute waterways and entice scavenging animals.

“We’re excited to provide residents and visitors with an option that will keep our streets cleaner and be more efficient for staff to maintain”, said Public Works Manager Mike Vickers.

“We are excited for Walnut Creek to join the ranks of cities in California, in the US, and across the world which are leveraging the Bigbelly system to solve the real problems associated with waste,” said Brian Phillips, CEO of Bigbelly. “Walnut Creek is already showing their commitment to a smarter way of managing public space waste by replacing all traditional bins, deploying measurable recycling on sidewalks, and embracing the system on day one. We look forward to our continued partnership with the city to deliver a meaningful impact to the Walnut Creek community.”

The Bigbelly bins funded through the City’s partnership with RecycleSmart, with revenue generated from the processing and sales of recyclables. The bins are ADA compliant with both hand- and foot-operated levers.


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