Smart Stockholm’s Winner of the Digitalization Award 2018 – Norrmalm’s Digital, Smart Garbage Bins

Mr. Bo Hoglund, Park Attendant & Project Leader for digital and smart waste bins in Stockholm’s Norrmalm district, received the Digitalization Award 2018 from the City of Stockholm. Congratulations from the Bigbelly team to the entire Norrmalm group for their recognition of the outstanding efforts and success that they have achieved with smarter waste management in their district of Stockholm!  Read on for the announcement originally published on the City of Stockholm – SmartStockholm blog:

The park and environmental department of the Norrmalm district was awarded this year’s Digitalization Award for its innovative work to create clean parks in the city – using smart garbage bins.
















During a ceremony in the Blue Hall on 27 November 2018, this year’s Digitalization Award was awarded by Anna König Jerlmyr. The prize is awarded to a business that, with digitization as a catalyst, has benefited citizens.

This is how the jury decided upon the winner:

The winner of the Digitalization Award 2018 has shown that using environmentally-friendly and up-to-date technology can enhance the quality of citizens, without increasing the cost of the city. They have many years of experience in the work and have made an important pioneer effort in this area. 

They have developed an innovative strategy that has clear economic and environmental benefits. The winning contribution has already inspired several administrations and the jury sees a great potential in scaling up and implementing the solution in the rest of the city.

The winner of the Digitization Prize 2018 is Norrmalms stadsdel management and the digital, smart waste bins. 

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