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From the Wild West to the White Sandy Beaches of the East, the Bigbelly System has began to change public waste in the North Island of New Zealand. After surveying the local people and gathering their feedback on the new technology, everyone has been able to see the proven benefits of the smart Bigbelly system.

Creating a more aesthetically pleasing area for the locals and holiday visitors, the bins have eliminated overflows and have reduced rubbish volumes found outside of the bins. With over 100 bins deployed in the past three months into campgrounds, large facilities such as the Auckland airport, parks and reserves within rural coastal towns by the end of last year, people are beginning to grasp the benefits and results that the Bigbelly system can create. Not only are they saving Manco’s clients money, but they are also creating a family friendly environment that is litter free and safe.

During the Summer holidays, beaches and lakes without Bigbelly are more likely to experience increased foot traffic and overflowing fish and chip wrappers at the local picnic spot. The overflows will be eliminated for destinations such as Whiritoa, Raglan and Taupo, thanks to Bigbelly’s cloud based monitoring equipment and solar powered 5:1 compactor. 

The Bigbelly system will sure to be arising in towns or facility throughout New Zealand as they explore innovation in public space waste and recycling. We recently connected with Ben Calvert, Bigbelly Product Manager, to discuss Manco Environmental’s efforts and impact on improving waste management in New Zealand.


We are very glad to have Manco Environmental as an International Distributor! How did your relationship with Bigbelly begin?

“Manco Environmental has had a growing relationship with Bigbelly which began not too long ago in July of 2014. The introduction of Bigbelly was accomplished by using a customised trailer that carried both the Compactor and Recycling sample with which we visited most of the Municipalities throughout the country over a six month period. This was also complemented with attendances at the National Waste convention and other relevant conferences focused on the likes of Airports and Recreational Parks and Reserves.

Manco Environmental is a member of the Manco Engineering Group of companies that operate in two specific and autonomous areas. In our subset of Manco Environmental Products and Technologies, we focus on sustainable processes and waste minimisation. This focus encompasses the associated savings with the Bigbelly System by way of the carbon footprint and labour savings involved with the solar compaction and asset management technology. Manco Environmental is the largest manufacturer and distributor of waste and recycling equipment in New Zealand, and operates throughout the Pacific with head offices in New Zealand and Australia.”  


 What are Manco’s areas of expertise?

“Manco specialises in purpose built kerbside collection vehicles, designed to provide efficient kerbside sort or automation. The company also operates a significant collection vehicle lease fleet and offers industry leading sustainability products such as the Bigbelly System, glass crushers, aerobic food digesters and water recycling equipment, offering both purchase and long term lease contracts.”

Which geographic regions do you serve?

“Manco has head offices in both New Zealand and Australia but exclusively distributes Bigbelly throughout the whole of New Zealand – both the North and South Islands.”

Which markets do you primarily sell to?

“Our initial focus for the Bigbelly system was directly with municipalities, as the product was in its infancy within New Zealand. The first serious deliveries followed extensive demonstrations in October 2015. We now are receiving interest from contractors particularly in rural areas, whom are looking for cost savings in travelling and labour. Key tourist destinations have introduced Bigbelly to beautify parks, look outs, and picnic areas.”


Could you share some customer success with the smart waste and recycling system so far?

“All clients that have trialed the Bigbelly system, that understand the business and the development of the recycling and waste industry have become success stories. In the beginning potential clients were nervous about the advanced technology and almost believed that the product was too good to be true.

After running trials and targeting different decision makers within municipalities, businesses, and facilities we have been able gain momentum and actually prove how successful the Bigbelly bins can be with the CLEAN system and compaction capabilities. Once installed the operational savings and efficiencies are almost instantaneous.

One client in particular began a trial campaign with only two bins. After the trial campaign they ended up leasing a system of 70 Bigbelly bins to create optimal operational efficiencies.  This client has a population of approximately 19,000 people.”



What are some highlights of Manco’s successes as a global Bigbelly partner?

“2016 is an exciting year for the Manco Group of Companies in general.  With a seriously passsionate and focused team, we endeavor to make the Bigbelly system the star of the Waste and Sustainability industry with in New Zealand.

To continue the ongoing growth of Bigbelly within New Zealand, we have developed a free trial campaign, where we set achievable goals with a client and actually provide a bin for free for a three weeks as Manco knows that the product works and provides great results that both the client and ourselves can measure which in most cases results in orders.

Think of it this way… I like to compare it to going from an older mobile phone also known as a “dumb phone” to a “smart phone” such as the latest iPhone or Android system. Once people have the technology and understand the efficiencies that they can create,  people will never go back to traditional public space waste.

On top of this we will be developing the online presence of Bigbelly with plans of website updates, social media strategies and innovative sales presentations, etc.  Through these platforms we will focus marketing topics on current issues and points of discussion such as Smart Sustainable Cities and Facilities and the minimization of the carbon footprints for larger companies and municipalities. Thanks to the recent growth and global awareness of the Bigbelly brand, we can now utilize “word of mouth” from credible sources and major industry players when building trust with this new technology in New Zealand.”

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Interested kiwi customers can get in touch with Manco Environmental via their website, phone (0800 274 986), or contact form

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