Modern, Colorful Smart Waste and Recycling is Cleaning up Jupiter Beach and Parks in Florida

“Practical and colorful” are the words used by My Plam Beach Post to describe Juipter, Florida’s new Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system. Situated in the northernmost part of Palm Beach County, this beachfront community is committed to increasing recycling and decreasing their environmental impact by modernizing their waste operations.


Councilman Ilan Kaufer (left) Mayor Todd Wodraska (middle) and Jeff Sabin,
government affairs manager for Waste Management, at Tuesday’s installation of high-tech trash
collection box at Jupiter Beach at Marcinski Road. (Photo Credit: Bill DiPaolo)

Jupiter together with their waste hauler and Bigbelly partner, Waste Management, have deployed “twin trash containers — one for landfill items, the other for recyclables” along the town’s beach and parks. The stations hold 5x as much trash as traditional waste bins and compact the trash as “beach-goers and park visitors feed them.” Since deployment in September, the system is already reporting a 45%+ recycling diversion rate!

“This is a high-tech solution to trash and recyclable collection,” said Mayor Todd Wodraska as town and Waste Management officials dedicated a unit at the beach at Marcinski Road and A1A.

Waste Management collection crews normally empty the trash collection boxes along the beach three times a week. The self-crunching boxes only require emptying once a week. “This will reduce our carbon footprint,” he added.

Named the Happiest Seaside Town in America by Coastal Living, we are not surprised that Jupiter’s Bigbelly stations top the charts of the most vivid and colorful wrap designs. Moreover the art is representative of the surrounding community. It depicts local scenes in the community – from the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and kayakers at sea, to bicyclists, basketball players and skateboarders.


Source: My Palm Beach Post


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