Love is in the Air – Bigbelly Expands in Paris!

Bigbelly Paris 10.2019

Keep the City of Love and Romance smelling like roses, not trash. Originally piloted in 2018, the fleet of Bigbelly stations has won the heart of the city through its positive impact on sustainability, measurable productivity, and urban beautification.  Beginning with a test fleet of 14 Bigbellies, Paris will now expand its fleet to 450 stations by 2020 in the most dense areas of the city.

Impressed by the sheer increase in capacity and the ability to optimize collections with Bigbelly’s CLEAN Software Management Platform, Paris has chosen Bigbelly as THE ecosystem to lead the city into the future of Smart Waste. The Bigbelly fleet compacts up to 600 liters of waste per unit, equivalent to six traditional street garbage cans.  The city found this solution to be ideal for its highly-trafficked tourist areas, where beautification and public health are core values.  

Rewarded for Recycling with Bigbelly! – The City’s New Program: Along with Paris’ exponential fleet expansion in 2020, the city will launch a new diversion rewards program where the community is rewarded for sorting their trash.  Using mobile phones to scan barcodes on waste & recycling, community members can earn points for using Bigbelly bins, which can be converted to show tickets, donations, and various prizes. 

A Cleaner, Greener Paris: In an effort to lead the international community in sustainability, Paris is employing a number of ambitious environmental initiatives to make the capital a healthy & sustainable hub.  Bigbelly is an essential component to the city’s initiatives by minimizing waste bin overflows, optimizing/reducing collection trips, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Through the added incentive to use Bigbelly throughout the city, and the significant cost savings from reduced collections, the city intends for the inaugural Bigbelly fleet to pay for itself. 

futurestreet-logoTo learn more about Bigbelly’s Parisian expansion and our Southern European Smart City network, contact Future Street, Bigbelly’s master Distributor in over 60 territories across Europe and the Middle East.



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