Introducing Bigbelly’s Remote Hopper Lock!

We have the ability to lock our cars remotely with the touch of a button. We pre-program the security in our homes, offices, and public facilities on daily & weekly schedule. We place public safety at the forefront of our core values, securing venues during special events. Now, your Bigbelly Smart Waste stations do the same.

Bigbelly Remote Hopper Lock LogoControl Hopper access remotely through Bigbelly’s CLEAN Smart Waste console! 

The latest addition to Bigbelly’s suite of Smart Waste capabilities, the Remote Hopper Lock, allows CLEAN users to control access to their station’s Hopper disposal. With the Remote Hopper Lock, program your Bigbelly fleet to lock and unlock on-schedule or using your station’s sensing capabilities.

Unlocked when you want the public to toss their trash, locked when you don’t!


Cloud-Control + Intelligent Design


Bigbelly Hardware & Connectivity: Bigbelly’s remote-activated Hopper Lock combines cloud communication with intelligent design.  This functionality uses your Bigbelly HC5’s network connection and reach-proof Hopper to lock or unlock waste disposal whenever needed.

CLEAN Software Module: The Hopper Lock management module in CLEAN allows users to control HC5 Hopper access based on several different scenarios.

Bigbelly Remote Hopper Lock CLEANBigbelly Remote Hopper Lock Icons


Remote Locking Capabilities for Every Situation

The Remote Hopper Lock is programmable for a variety of scenarios, including one-time special events, daily schedules, and automatically when your station is full!
Bigbelly Hopper Lock - One Time Special EventSpecial Events: Whether it be the ‘big game’, a concert, or a celebratory public event, you can manage to your Bigbelly Smart Waste stations during One-Time Special Events. Lock stations to prevent waste overwhelm, and support public safety during high-traffic happenings.


Bigbelly Remote Hopper Lock - Recurring Event ScheduleDaily Closure Schedule:Locked at night, unlocked throughout the day.’ Program the Hopper Lock to prevent waste disposal during certain hours of the day or night when your facility is closed to the public. Manage daily closures as a Recurring Event, incentivizing foot traffic at optimal times.


Bigbelly Remote Hopper Lock - FullnessOverflow Prevention: Prevent waste overflow before it happens! The Remote Hopper Lock allows you to program Bigbelly stations to lock automatically when the unit is full.  Taking the guesswork out of overflow prevention is invaluable – all managed in the cloud!


Hopper Lock FAQ

Can waste be collected while the Hopper is locked?

Yes – the station’s front door can be opened while the Hopper is locked to allow for waste collection.

Can the station be stored while the Hopper is locked?

Yes – the station can be turned off for storage while the Hopper is locked.  The Hopper will remain locked during storage.

Can the station be set to lock when full and on a schedule?

Yes – a station can be programmed to lock when full, while also programmed to lock on-schedule.

*Please Note: stations can only be programmed on one schedule at a time. 


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