International Downtown Association Webinar: “The Placemaking & Operational Benefits of Smart Waste”

In partnership with the International Downtown Association (IDA), the leading organization for professional place management leaders worldwide, Bigbelly invites you to join us for the upcoming FREE webinar “Gearing Up for The Return: The Placemaking & Operational Benefits of Smart Waste.”

IDA LogoJoin the global network of urban facilities leaders on Wednesday, April 14th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM (Eastern) to learn how BIDs and municipalities implement the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Solution to better serve their communities and prepare for the future.

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Bigbelly Smart Waste Alliance for Downtown New York

BIDs around the world implement the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Solution to better deliver on the promise to serve their communities and stay poised for success in the future. Among the most impactful ways that Bigbelly’s Smart Waste solution empowers BIDs are:

1. Engaging in innovative Placemaking to create cleaner, safer public spaces, and

2. Improving Operational Efficiency & Workforce Development.

Each BID community is unique, and they have leveraged the benefits of Smart Waste technology throughout the recent years accordingly. Adopting Bigbelly technology allows BIDs to evolve with the social, political, and economic landscape, adapting to the needs of the community at each stage.

Bigbelly Smart Waste Garment District AllianceAfter a year where operational agility has been tested, BIDs are looking ahead to a (very near) future when foot traffic will return. As exciting as the inevitable return is, BIDs must create an infrastructure that is prepared to handle increased pedestrian waste volume and ensure proactive public health & safety.

Just as Bigbelly has helped BIDs evolve in the past, the Placemaking, Operational Efficiency, and Workforce Development benefits of Smart Waste technology prepares them comprehensively for the future.


Two leaders in the national BID community speak on how a Bigbelly’s Smart Waste solution has supported Placemaking & Operational Efficiency, how their BIDs have evolved in these aspects in recent years, and how they are preparing for the future with Smart Waste technology:

 • Simon Bertrang, Executive Director of San Francisco’s Tenderloin CBD will speak to his experience with Placemaking

 • Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York will be speaking from the perspective of Operational Efficiency.

 • Representing Bigbelly are Brian Phillips, President & CEO, and Jeff Satwicz, VP of Product Strategy & Innovation

Bigbelly Smart Waste International Downtown Association


Bigbelly Smart Waste Tenderloin CBDLearning Objective 1: Operational Efficiency & Workforce Development:  How BIDs “Do more for Less,” maximizing their time and labor force through Collection Reduction, Data Analytics and Reporting. Communities experience up to 80% collection reductions with a smart waste fleet and compaction technology. This results in decreased truck rolls, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption. In implementing Smart Waste, BIDs expand the roles & potential of their ambassador staff as they engage with the dynamic system.

Learning Objective 2: Placemaking:  How BIDs create clean, safe, attractive, and innovative public spaces for their community using the Bigbelly Smart Waste solution. Through placemaking, BIDs fulfill their promise to their communities to increase foot traffic and local business interest. Bigbelly transforms public space cleanliness and aesthetics with total waste containment – eliminating overflows, visible waste, windblown litter, and pest access. Create cleaner, greener, safer pedestrian spaces with reduced truck traffic, noise & congestion.

Bigbelly Smart Waste Times Square NYCLearning Objective 3: Prepared for the Future: How Bigbelly has evolved with the needs of BIDs throughout each stage of their development, helping them address their current needs & projects, and how Bigbelly empowers BIDs to create a future-focused public space infrastructure. Looking at the months and years ahead, as foot traffic makes a full return, Smart Waste is essential to Placemaking, Operational Efficiency, and Workforce Development.

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