Innovation in Waste Management for the United Kingdom

The world of waste collection has dramatically changed since Egbert Taylor Group, Bigbelly International Distribution Partner for the United Kingdom, first opened its doors in the early 1960’s. The bin is no longer just a bin, but a key component of the urban environment and a route to improving local environments and streetscene. Its role is no longer just to containerise waste but to add value to a community’s waste management solutions. 



Waste management industry has continually evolved to meet changes in our society. The vital service has to cope with ever increasing waste volumes against the backdrop of shirking budgets. Our partner in the UK, a leading waste management solutions provider, is deploying innovative ways to meet these challenges.

Sustainability has never before been so high a priority and local governments and waste contractors are now challenged with delivering more against the backdrop of decreasing budgets in an era of austerity. It is these elements that now place more pressure on waste collection in the 21st century. And it is these elements that have enabled Egbert Taylor Group to develop a suite of solutions that build on the basic foundations of waste collection whilst integrating the latest technology, including the Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling system.


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