Industry Read: “The 4 IoT products a smart city needs in 2017”

“Public safety and public services are key elements of a smart city. Whether a city is seeking smarter streetlights, more efficient waste removal, or gunshot detection, there are smart city products that stand out more than others. Here are some of the best and most useful devices that were used in smart cities around the world in 2016 and that will be vital in 2017.

Bigbelly is a smart waste and recycling system that has been deployed in all 50 US states and in 50 countries. It provides a solar-powered compacting waste bin that allows for up to five times the amount of waste as in a traditional bin, and it also alerts the appropriate city department when it needs to be emptied, according to Leila Dillon, vice president of marketing for Bigbelly.

This means that the number of trash bins in a city can be reduced by 70-80%, which makes the streets more aesthetically appealing, and it reduces the rodent population. Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are among the cities that use Bigbelly waste bins. […]”

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