“Havering Council introduces high-tech ‘Bigbelly’ bins in Romford town centre”

Smart waste adoption in the UK continues to grow, most recently fifteen miles outside London in the Town of Romford in the Borough of Havering. Romford has introduced Bigbelly’s high-tech bins in the town centre in a bid to reduce litter. Read on for an article from the Romford Recorder to learn more:

Cabinet member for environment Councillor Osman Dervish with a Big Belly bin. 
(Picture credit: Havering Council)


[…] Solar powered Bigbelly bins that have a special compacting mechanism which crushes rubbish have been installed in Romford. They hold up to eight times more rubbish than a normal bin.

Introduced in South Street, near the station, the bins also send Havering Council’s street cleaning team alerts when the bin is full. Havering Council says this will mean better efficiency, with half the number of collections allowing the street cleaners to focus on other cleansing tasks.

Cabinet member for environment Councillor Osman Dervish said: “By introducing these bins we will be able to tackle litter at one of the busiest hotspots in the borough. The Big Belly bins are a similar size to normal bins, but with their special technology will transform the look of South Street as they keep more waste contained, de-clutter the area, and create a cleaner and greener Romford.”

Source: Romford Recorder

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