‘Hands-Free’ With Bigbelly for a Healthy Future

We’re putting our foot down, literally.

Bigbelly Hands-Free Foot PedalImagine never having to touch a public trash can with your hands. First and foremost, it’s a sigh of relief, as it’s no one’s first choice to touch a public waste receptacle. It’s also an essential pillar in Public Health innovation: to limit the interaction between the pedestrians and public waste. Smart, sustainable cities are healthy cities, after all.

The Bigbelly Innovation Team is always one step ahead, and is empowering communities to put their best foot forward.

Bigbelly’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal: The Go-To

Bigbelly Hands-Free Foot PedalNow more than ever, our world is increasingly public health-conscious. Cities, campuses, and corporations alike are passionate in the movement toward cleaner & healthier spaces. In alignment with these values, Bigbelly has realized immense success with our global community’s favorite feature, Bigbelly’s exclusive Hands Free Foot Pedal

When installed, your Bigbelly Smart Waste fleet is ready to be Hands-Free and 100% prepared for the future. The Foot Pedal is available for all new deployments, and is easily retrofittable for existing fleets.


Available for current generation High Capacity (HC5) and Standard Capacity (SC5.5) Smart Waste stations. Add the amenity and functionality of a foot pedal to enclosed, hopper-equipped stations.


Ahead of the Curve by Leaps & Bounds

SAFEST ON THE MARKET:Other than being the fan-favorite of Bigbelly deployments around the world, the Foot Pedal’s design & hardware is an extension of the world leader in Smart Waste technology.  The engineering speaks for itself:

Designed with safety as a priority, the Foot Pedal opens the Hopper with a slow “Dampened” response. Unlike any other waste station on the market, Bigbelly’s dampened response prevents injury to small children users in a wheelchair.


The Foot Pedal is constructed with strong and durable aluminum and stainless steel, engineered for a smooth and effortless step-on operation. The Hands-Free front door has been designed & tested to last over 10 years of tough operation. Bigbelly’s rigorous lifecycle testing coupled with controlled field introductions prove functional & environmental endurance.



Hands-Free Foot Pedal Hopper is self-closing and maintains Bigbelly’s enclosed design for waste and odor control. The Hopper is the only interface that guarantees total waste containment, and zero access to waste and the compaction mechanism.

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If you’re already a member of the Bigbelly global community and want to upgrade your fleet, or want to join the family, reach out to us!  Here’s how:

Who’s Gone Hands-Free: Foot Pedal Deployments in the News!

Which communities have been loving Hands-Free lately? Take a look at some of the latest editions to the Bigbelly community in just this past month.

Tenderloin CBD – San Francisco, CA

City of Indio, CA

Hunters Point Park Conservancy – Long Island, NYC

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