The City of Hamburg, Germany deploys BigBelly’s smart waste management system to streamline its public waste collection operations

BigBelly Solar, Inc., the leading supplier of smart systems for public waste and recycling management, announced it has completed a major installation of BigBelly waste stations and its web-based CLEAN Management Console in the City of Hamburg Germany. BigBelly delivers solutions that leverage the power of cloud computing and the Internet of Things to simplify urban operations. Their solar- powered, self-compacting waste receptacles maintain a wireless link with a cloud- based management system called CLEAN that is used to monitor waste stations and optimize collections. Hamburg selected BigBelly’s system in order to improve the cleanliness of the downtown shopping district, reduce costs of waste collection, and improve overall management with the visibility of real-time reporting.

The City of Hamburg finalized its decision to deploy BigBelly after conducting a thorough field test that focused on durability, vandalism resistance and efficiency. In addition to proving function, the test phase yielded data that allowed city managers to estimate that moving to BigBelly will reduce waste collection frequency from seven times per day to four to five times per week.

“The deployment of the BigBelly system exemplifies the City of Hamburg’s continued commitment to finding innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of our residents by enabling greater efficiency and sustainability.”
– Ms. Jutta Blankau, Hamburg’s Second Mayor and Senator for the Environment

“Our extensive field trial gave us confidence that we will see a fast payback and high return on investment for this deployment of the BigBelly waste management system. The increased capacity of the self-compacting bins and the ability to monitor fill levels with CLEAN will drastically reduce collection costs.”
– Werner Kehren, Managing Director of Hamburg’s Sanitation Services

“We are excited to include Hamburg as a customer of BigBelly. We are seeing a growing list of world class-cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, London, Stockholm, and now Hamburg realize the potential of turning public waste bins into smart and connected devices that bring real-time, street-level intelligence to urban operations management.”
-Jack Kutner, CEO BigBelly Solar

About BigBelly Solar

BigBelly Solar is the leading global provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for smart public space waste & recycling management, with deployments to over 500 customers in 45 countries. Leveraging cloud based computing, a data-enabled system management console and a complete series of M2M connected solar powered waste & recycling stations, BigBelly is transforming how public spaces manage waste.