Fix-It Tenderloin & Bigbelly Waste Stations in San Francisco

Congratulations to the Fix-It Team and the Tenderloin neighborhood in downtown San Francisco, California for their deployment of the Bigbelly smart waste system! We’re excited to see this community embracing the Bigbelly system to make an impact on cleanliness in their community. Kudos!



From the Fix-It Team San Francisco email newsletter:

Through our work with Tenderloin residents and stakeholders, the Fix-It Team found sidewalk litter, dumping, and a lack of trash cans to be top concerns for the neighborhood. In an effort to improve the conditions of Tenderloin sidewalks, Fix-It Team partnered with the Tenderloin Community Benefit District (CBD) to bring five Bigbelly smart waste stations to the neighborhood, replacing problematic City cans with better waste disposal options. […]

All the locations are serviced 2-3 times per day by Recology, and the Tenderloin CBD as well as Fix-It Team are able to monitor fullness levels in Bigbelly stations, receive alerts if anything is malfunctioning, and ensure that repairs and needed collections happen as soon as possible.

Big thanks to the Tenderloin CBD, Public Works, Recology, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and Bigbelly for making this partnership possible! Questions, comments, or other feedback about the new waste stations and trash cans? Send us an email at

Source: Fix-It Team San Francisco Newsletter


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