“Facility Services Bigbelly Trash Compactors handled 100,580 gallons of waste in 2016” at LSU

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA) is among the ranks of college and university campuses making a meaningful, measurable impact with their Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system. LSU recently unveiled their successes in waste containment from last year after their smart system’s install in January 2016. With a motivation to reduce waste collection costs and promote recycling to the student body and staff, the Office of Facility Services has championed their great success with system to date. Way to go, LSU community!

 In the year since, the program has provided many benefits, said Tammy Millican, the Office of Facility Service’s assistant director of communications. One of the reasons Facility Services decided to make the switch to these trash compactors was to save the University money. Millican said the department is reaching its goals in several ways, including saving on maintenance costs and saving resources such as labor and fuel. […]

The new receptacles have also been making campus sustainability more visible. On top of winning the National Championship in the GameDay Recycling Challenge , Sustainability Manager Sarah Temple said the University’s efficiency is through the roof. According to the recycling report provided by BigBelly, the compactors have handled 100,580 gallons of waste in 2016. Of that, 34,310 gallons of that was recycled. In total, 34 percent of collected waste was diverted from landfills. […]

The compactors have been met with positive response from not only students and faculty, but the staff as well, Millican said. Student workers empty the recycling, while the maintenance staff is responsible for the trash compactor side of the units. The collection process is streamlined through an app downloaded to the workers’ phones that allows them to determine which units are in need of service. […]

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