Eco-friendly Storefront Operations with Bigbelly Smart Waste System at ShopRite Grocery Stores

By automating storefront tasks where possible, retailers can empower employees to do more meaningful, more customer facing work. Retailers are adopting and embracing innovative solutions for front-of-house labor intensive tasks – such as collecting storefront waste and recycling. 

Bigbelly is automation tool for these innovative retailers – grocery stores, fast causal restaurants, convenience stores, hospitality. By automating much of the work associated with front-of-house waste collections with Bigbelly, retailers are experiencing fivefold productivity increases with reduced trash collections by 80%.

Most recently, ShopRite Supermarkets – a NJ-based retail chain, owned and operated by Village Super Market Inc., and a member of the Wakefern cooperative of supermarkets – announced the opening of its newest state-of-the-art, full-service market in the Bronx – ShopRite of Bruckner Boulevard. 

Check out the below photo from the LATEST SHOPRITE grand opening…

Do you spy the Bigbelly solar-powered waste compactor out front? It’s so much more than what meets the eye!


Photo Source: Supermarket News

Bigbelly smart waste management is highlighted as a key component to the supermarket’s eco-friendly operation. As highlighted in the ShopRite press release:

With an emphasis on reducing its eco-footprint, the new store will also feature energy-efficient refrigeration and lighting, including glass doors on all dairy and freezer cases and LED lighting throughout the store and its parking lot. The store will also have Bigbelly “smart” trash can units set up outside. The solar powered units use CLEAN management software to control a solar-powered, compacting trash and recycling system to help reduce trash bag use.

Kudos to ShopRite stores for embracing the Bigbelly smart waste management solution to keep their storefronts clean, spend less time emptying trash bins and more time serving customers, and reduce their overall waste footprint contributing to landfills – all in a positive direction for an eco-friendly operation!


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