The “Has”-Bin: The Traditional Open Trash Can

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 3.44.16 PMThink of a trash can. What comes to mind?

The classic galvanized metal can? The plastic, rectangular bin, maybe with a cover to deflect rain? The statue-like immovable, pebble-encrusted street bins? Or is it those ornate wrought iron park cans, which may feel like a bit of an upgrade? Regardless of the brand or style, the trash bins we know (and may or may not love) largely have open tops.

Waste is tossed easily into the open container, and subsequently is easily accessibleSo what’s the problem? ..and what really can be done to make make a meaningful change in the life of a can?

Accessible waste is a problem – a big one. Because it causes even more problems that we don’t need to have.
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