Building the Future: New Technological Frontiers in Cities  |  Smart Cities Event at Princeton University


Bigbelly is going to be at Princeton University on Monday, May 6 for a research engagement day focused on “Building the Future: New Technological Frontiers in Cities.” This event will convene select Smart Cities from the New Jersey areas municipal and academic leaders and to explore cutting edge research and to stimulate new collaborative relationships across the private and public sectors in the New Jersey region.

 This is a showcase of New Jersey university research for integrating urban infrastructure with networked sensors, data analytics, and other novel technologies to improve quality of life, resiliency and sustainability in urban environments. A key objective of the day is identifying new opportunities for collaboration between universities, industry, foundations, and government in this important field.

Join the conversations at 9:50 am and 10:10 am for the Situation Briefings by Cities and Service Briefings by Smart City Companies respectively. Hear what real life situations New Jersey cities are facing today and proven solutions that are being used in NJ and beyond.

Won’t be at the #PrincetonCities to discuss Building the Future but are interested in learning how Bigbelly’s smart waste management solution and expanding telecom hosting platform can improve your community’s livability and service delivery? Contact us today!


Event Details: 

Building the Future: New Technological Frontiers in Cities

Location: Princeton University, New Jersey
Date: May 6, 2019
Details & Event Agenda:



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