Bloomfield Continues Push To Improve Services, Installs Smart-Technology Compacting Waste Bins

Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey

OCTOBER 15 / BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Township of Bloomfield is investing in smart-technology compacting waste bins that have been set up at five locations throughout town. These waste bins have built-in compactors that utilize solar power, and are locked so no rodents or other animals can get in.

The bins are provided by Bigbelly Solutions, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company that has sold compacting bins in 54 countries and recently installed 50 bins in Montclair. The five cans in Bloomfield have been programmed to auto-generate email and online notifications to the Department of Public Works when each needs to be emptied.

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“Utilizing smart-technology waste bins will save manpower and ensure the timely collection of waste, which is why we’ve strategically placed them in areas where residents have voiced concerns in the past,” said Mayor Michael Venezia“I met with the Bloomfield Beautification Committee when we were first considering this initiative, and it has been well-received. I would also like to thank the DPW leadership for their willingness to become familiar with these systems in an effort to make Bloomfield an even better place to live.”

The cans are solar powered, high capacity compactor waste bins with pull down hoppers and a foot pedal for easy access. They control odor and don’t allow for rodents or other animals to get in them. Nothing can be pulled out of the can without accessing the bin through the locked door on the side.

“The Mayor and my fellow Council members are dedicated to using technology to improve our critical services, from parking to emergency response systems and now waste collection,” said Councilwoman Jenny Mundell, liaison to the Bloomfield Beautification Committee. “I would like to thank my fellow members of the Bloomfield Beautification Committee for their vision and leadership, and Public Works and Parks Director Anthony Nesto for supporting us every step of the way.”

“We have installed five big belly cans as part of a three year pilot program. They are all linked to a back office system that sends alerts when each can should be collected. Due to its compacting ability, it allows for garbage to go at least a week before needing to be collected at 80% capacity,” said Director Nesto. “We are confident the community will welcome them and utilize them more than the regular garbage cans as we try to combat debris and rodent problems in certain areas.”

The locations of the five Bigbelly cans are: the corner of Bloomfield Ave. and Grove; Berkeley Ave. and Franklin Ave.; Bloomfield Ave. and Ella St.; Halycon Pond; and Brookside Park. Residents with questions about the compacting waste bins are encouraged to call the DPW at 973-680-4127.

Source: Township of Bloomfield News Room Press Release

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