Bigbelly Unveils Smart Compost Program

Solution combines affordability, convenience, and community beautification

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Bigbelly Solar, LLC unveiled its groundbreaking Bigbelly Smart Compost Program, marking a significant stride towards sustainability and the beautification of communities and public spaces.

A world leader in public space waste and recycling solutions for more than 20 years, Bigbelly is revolutionizing food waste collection on a large scale, transforming the way communities manage local waste streams.

Bigbelly’s Smart Compost Program provides residents a seamless way to dispose of food waste in an environmentally conscious, budget-friendly manner, powered by cutting-edge technology. After a successful U.S. debut, Bigbelly is rolling out its innovative program to communities across the globeenhancing beautification efforts and fostering sustainability efforts worldwide.

“This is where convenience meets sustainability, all the while contributing to the beautification of our planet,” said Jeff Satwicz, Bigbelly’s founder and VP of business development. “We’re not just tackling waste; we’re fostering a cleaner, greener, more equitable future.” 

There are three key components to the program: conveniently placed, secure bins that each service 100 residences; a mobile app that allows participants in the program to locate and unlock the bins; and cloud-based management software that allows municipalities to operate the program at 50-percent less cost than curbside composting.

 “There’s about a 70-million household gap between the people that have access to recycling and those with access to food waste collection,” said Satwicz. “That’s a massive divide to close. We see an enormous opportunity to make a difference.”

The Bigbelly Smart Compost bins are placed in public spaces, eliminating the need for buy-in from individual residents or building managers. Resident participation is automated through the free Smart Compost app.

“We can have a community program up and running in a matter of weeks,” Satwicz said. “Municipalities have access to software to manage use, collection routes and capacity. All residents need to do is download the mobile app and they’re ready to go.”

The Bigbelly Smart Compost bins are fully enclosed and locked, eliminating the possibility of rats and other pests gaining access and preventing people from depositing trash. Individuals who participate in the Smart Compost program locate and unlock the bins through the mobile app, which can be configured to inform residents on what can and can’t be composted and provide a vehicle to report issues.

Established in 2003, Bigbelly ( has expanded its footprint to serve more than 2,500 customers in 60 countriesOffering a range of self-contained bins, from budget-friendly options to cutting-edge smart waste receptacles, Bigbelly integrates solar and battery-powered technologies alongside advanced sensors that monitor critical data such as fill level, collection activity, and GPS location.

Bigbelly’s innovative bins deliver complete waste containmentcreate clean welcoming spaces and serve as transformative assets in enhancing public environments and the overall quality of life in a community.

Beyond aesthetics, Bigbelly actively supports communities in achieving their sustainability objectives through the implementation of comprehensive waste management strategies. From facilitating composting and recycling initiatives to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution, Bigbelly serves as a staunch ally in the fight for a greener, more sustainable future.

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