Battling the Wasps with Bigbelly at Parque Metropolitano in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile’s iconic Parque Metropolitano battled a major problem with wasps year after year. These pests swarmed the Bellavista Terrace due to the traditional, open-top waste bins used in the area.

This terrace – a hotspot for visitors to Parque Metropolitano – is a main gathering area for new and experienced park visitors alike. The wasp swarms posed a public health risk for any visitors allergic to these insects, and created irritation for visitors who were looking to linger in this beautiful public space.

The park attempted to battle the wasps by increasing collection frequency of their traditional waste bins to avoid overflowing trash that attracted the pests. Crews collected bins when hardly any waste was tossed, and followed with a deep rinse of the containers. This repetitive strategy was not very efficient and the wasps continued to swarm. There had to be a better solution…

Since the implementation of Bigbelly’s smart waste technology in Parque Metropolitano, the wasps have taken to less populated, more floral areas of the park. Bigbelly’s enclosed system design keeps the Terrace visitors’ waste contained and ensures that there is no wasp access to the trash. Removing this food source alleviated their wasp challenge and has allowed the park crews to focus on more meaningful efforts. Trash collection has become more productive and wasps are an issue of the past!




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