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Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon 80% Reduced Collections

Streamlined Operations & Collection Efficiency

Reduce collections by 70-80% on average and subsequent decreased liner usage, labor hours, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption

Informed decision making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics in CLEAN Management Console software

Increase productivity & route efficiency with optimized collections and reallocated resources to more impactful projects

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Cleaner Public Spaces

Beautiful Public Spaces & Improved Quality of Life

Transform cleanliness & aesthetics by keeping waste contained – eliminate visible waste, windblown litter, overflows, and critter access

Cleaner, greener, safer streetscapes with a reduced bin footprint (less bin clutter) and reduced refuse truck traffic, noise & congestion

Remove waste as a food source for critters and birds: a proven New York City Parks strategy to reducing rodents in public parks

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Benefits Icon Reduced Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Infrastructure & Reduced Carbon Footprint

Introduce and increase public space recycling program with multiple streams at each point of disposal & tracked diversion data

Reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions with fewer truck rolls, fuel consumption, and air pollution when meaningfully deployed

Less littered public spaces for an overall cleaner, more sustainable environment thanks to total containment & smart collection routine

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Times Square NYC

Solutions for Cities

Cities & towns create clean, beautiful public spaces where people live, work, and play.

Solutions for Cities

Solutions for Campuses

Colleges & universities keep campuses clean & innovative, achieve sustainability goals, and optimize resources.

Solutions for Campuses

Solutions for Retail & Venues

Retailers & venues enhance visitor experience, showcase sustainability, and redeploy valuable resources.

Solutions for Retail & Venues

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Over 65,000 units deployed in 60 Countries

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News & Highlights

BLOG: ``Dublin City Council Launches Small Cell Infrastructure with Telebelly!``

“This month, Dublin City Council (DCC) launched a new Telecoms Unit to provide a foundation for intelligent urban technology and 5G infrastructure. The new DCC Unit will act “as a ‘one stop shop’ service to support the delivery of telecoms” in public spaces.” |  READ COVERAGE

BLOG: ``How Refuse Vehicles Impact Municipal Greenhouse Gas Emissions``

n a per-mile basis, the refuse truck is one of the most egregious contributors to Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and in comparison to conventional diesel, CNG-powered garbage trucks aren’t the most impactful way to address the problem. Learn how Cities can reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with one of the most time & cost-efficient tools on the street! |  READ BLOG

BLOG: ``Pests & Public Space Waste: Addressing the Challenge``

“Dealing with pests is a prevalent and serious challenge faced by public spaces of all types, including municipalities, parks, university campuses, indoor & outdoor retail venues, and transit systems.  Among the numerous approaches to mitigating the problem, one of the most impactful, proven methods of controlling unwanted pests is centered on public space waste management.” | READ BLOG

VIDEO: Smart Dublin ``Smart Bins`` Project

Learn about the 350 new Bigbelly bins deployed across Dublin City! “What makes these bins so smart? They’re equipped with IoT sensors. These sensors alert waste management workers when bins are full, making collections more efficient…” |  WATCH NOW

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