Top 25 Most Efficient Smart Campus Deployments – Bigbelly 2018 Year in Review

Top 25 Most Efficient Smart Campus Deployments - Bigbelly's 2018 in Review

In our third year of analyzing Bigbelly global system data, we continue to be inspired by our customer successes. We are excited to unveil the Top 25 Most Efficient Smart Campus Deployments Using the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System for 2018. These are colleges and universities that have embraced smart waste management with the Bigbelly system and using the system in the most optimized way.

  1. Campbell University, NC (US) – 80% Average Efficiency for 2018!
  2. Auburn University, AL (US)
  3. Trinity College Dublin, Dublin (Ireland)
  4. University of Illinois at Chicago, IL (US)
  5. Washtenaw Community College, MI (US)
  6. University of California – Irvine, CA (US)
  7. University of California – San Diego, CA (US)
  8. Western Washington University, WA (US)
  9. University of California – San Francisco, CA (US)
  10. Harrisburg Area Community College, PA (US)
  11. University of Florida, FL (US)
  12. University of Alberta, AB (Canada)
  13. Boston University, MA (US)
  14. Northern Arizona University, AZ (US)
  15. Lehigh University, PA (US)
  16. California State University – San Marcos, CA (US)
  17. University of California – Berkeley, CA (US)
  18. Charlotte Country Day School, NC (US)
  19. Northeastern University, MA (US)
  20. University of Chicago, IL (US)
  21. Colorado State University, CO (US)
  22. Louisiana State University, LA (US)
  23. University of Georgia, GA (US)
  24. Brown University, RI (US)
  25. University of North Texas, TX (US)

Congratulations to each and every one of these colleges and universities! These campuses are power users of their smart waste system and are taking full advantage of data-driven waste management across their schools’ public spaces. They are able to reallocate time previously spent collecting trash bins to more visibly meaningful efforts on campus – from groundskeeping to facility maintenance and landscaping to snow removal!

The Bigbelly connected systems worldwide captured, contained, and collected 144,112,133 gallons (545,523,766 liters) of waste in public spaces in 2018. Over half of Bigbelly customer deployments have multiple waste streams and 22,520,056 gallons (85,247,685 liters) were diverted from landfills throughout last year thanks to pedestrians’ proper disposal in Bigbelly units dedicated to recycling and compost streams.


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